TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom Tests with Light Effects and Human Riders!

This evening, the brand-new TRON Lightcycle Run roller coaster at Magic Kingdom reached another testing milestone. The ride’s massive canopy, light effects, and on-board audio were all synchronized for testing during park hours. Some trains even carried passengers. In addition, we’ve gotten a closer look at the accessible car at the end of select TRON Lightcycle Run trains, which allows those unable to ride the lightcycle while lying down to do so while sitting upright.

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This image we captured depicts a rider seated in the first row of the new roller coaster, as well as the blue-colored, illuminated canopy. Much like Shanghai Disneyland’s TRON Lightcycle Power Run, this canopy will more than likely incorporate additional colors, such as green, purple, and red, once the attraction opens.

The last row of this train is another interesting feature. This vehicle is a special accessible vehicle with upright seating and a slightly different theme. The standard TRON Lightcycle Run vehicles require riders to lie on their stomachs with their feet raised. Due to the fact that not all guests will be able to do so, certain trains will include this car. We’ve ridden in an accessible car on Shanghai’s installation, and we must say they’re quite roomy and comfortable, and make for a very different ride.

You can see and hear the TRON Lightcycle Run’s vehicles traversing the first gravity-powered section of the ride in the videos found on our various social media channels. Immediately following the ride’s 60 mph launch is a massive turn around beneath a lighted canopy. You will hear the onboard audio and observe the interaction of the hexagons built into the canopy with the Lightcycle trains as they navigate the Grid.

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With the upcoming D23 Expo, we may get a better sense of when TRON: Lightcycle Run will be open. The attraction will undoubtedly be finished this year, but it is possible that Disney may delay the launch in order to make a marketing push for the final quarter of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, which is scheduled to end on March 31, 2023.

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