Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast at Six Flags Over Texas to Close on September 11, 2022.

In what has been an eventful period for Six Flags recently, one of the chain’s parks has made a noteworthy announcement. Six Flags Over Texas, located in Arlington, Texas, has announced that Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast will close on September 11, 2022.

Six Flags Over Texas announced at an internal event that the last day for guests to ride Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast will be September 11, 2022. This image, shared by Coaster Nation on Facebook, depicts the event’s screen-based announcement.

Photo courtesy of Coaster Nation

Mr. Freeze debuted in 1998 as a launch coaster that pushed the limits and has been a fan favorite ever since. In 2011, the park announced a closure before announcing a retheme and remodel that changed the ride’s name from Mr. Freeze to Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast, which included reversing the trains so that riders would launch backwards out of the station into the coaster’s signature inverted top hat element. The current version of Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast opened in the spring of 2012.

This announcement of Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast’s closure is unexpected, given that Six Flags Over Texas recently invested in the ride with structural upgrades and a complete repaint in colors that closely resemble the original colors. Given the recent investments and the attraction’s popularity, it is possible that the park will reopen the roller coaster, possibly with a new theme or by reversing the trains to their original forward-facing direction.

Photo courtesy of Six Flags Over Texas

UPDATE 8.29.2022 – After the park’s announcement sparked a flurry of online chatter, they posted an Instagram video of Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast with the caption, “but do you really think it’s going away? Not a chance! Stay tuned for more…”, indicating the ride will likely undergo a retheme, update, or other modifications.

Beyond these announcements made by the theme park, little is known. Your best bet is to get to Six Flags Over Texas within the next two weeks, if only for the fantastic novelty of experiencing this incredibly intense roller coaster launch in reverse.

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