Tigris and Gwazi Construction + More – Busch Gardens Tampa Update – January 21st, 2019


SheiKra just reopened from its annual refurbishment and does not actually feature it’s signature scoops beneath the train…

That means that when SheiKra runs over the water, where it is supposed to slow down because of the water-brake effects, there is actually nothing happening.

A strange view for sure! We posted a video of the ride’s current status on our Florida Facebook Page!

If you do want some sort of splash, the log flume next door doesn’t close for it’s refurbishment ’til this Spring!

More Park News

So far we have discussed some of our major topics, but there is still plenty to look at and talk about. During our visit at the park we really noticed that the park was quite understaffed, particularly in the food service department. We waited quite a while for food, and then some more. Luckily we did get to enjoy a peaceful lunch over the Serengeti afterwards.

We also went to explore deep into Jungala to ride Wild Surge. Believe it or not, I had actually never set foot inside. There’s a lot to do and the animal exhibits are awesome.

In Pantopia there are currently two major attractions that are down, including Sand Serpent, presumably for a quick maintenance or perhaps a needed repaint.

And the Phoenix looping starship, which has received a bright new paint job recently.

The ride and marquee look spiffy! We can’t wait for the attraction to reopen soon!

Kumba was definitely the most reliable coaster today, as most rides were down for some duration of the day, including Cheetah Hunt.

In fact Cheetah Hunt was closed all day up to an hour before closing time. There seemed to have been a serious issue with the launch mechanism as it seems that a train had valleyed.

With Montu being down repeatedly for several hours, Cobra’s Curse took a serious beating in the wait time department, hosting a healthy 90 minute queue most of the day. Luckily riders seem to have the time of their lives on the ride. #WorthTheWait

It certainly is a lovely coaster, but it doesn’t quite manage to have the capacity to support both Cheetah Hunt and Montu‘s crowds while they’re down.

Kumba was running consistently all day and again has proved itself to be my favorite Florida coaster. The ride will close January 28th for a lengthy annual refurbishment. The ride is expected to reopen on February 22nd.

Montu was brought down to two train operations and finally reopened to receive a long line, we were so lucky to be there just on time to get two sunset rides in before the line got too crazy.

Perhaps it’s the best inverted coaster in the world, if anything it’s definitely one of the best.

Goodnight Montu!

And goodnight Cheetah Hunt, that we were so fortunate to see rush around the park wondrous landscaping, on our way out of the park.

Thank you for checking out this brand new Busch Gardens Tampa report! Later this week we’ll be launching our first podcast, make sure to stay tuned for that! For more awesome new reports check out the following:

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