Throwback Series: Leofoo Village

We’re back with a follow-up to our Janfusun FancyWorld Throwback, featuring a relatively obscure park that boasts an impressive variety of Intamin rides: Leofoo Village!

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* These pictures were taken about six years ago and have been edited in attempt to remaster them, the quality is lower than what you’ve come to expect from us. *

January, 2015

Leofoo’s modest entrance plaza continues down a fairly nondescript walkway that leads to the park’s hub, which branches into four themed areas and a waterpark. You can click on each image and swipe to take a closer look!

Wild West is home to Leofoo’s signature coaster, Screaming Condor, an otherwise standard Intamin Twisted Impulse Coaster that’s partially underground.

Wild West is also home to a handful of other smaller rides, including a kiddie coaster and windmill-themed looping pendulum.

South Pacific is perhaps the park’s most radiant area – it’s full of colors and water features, and is centered around a massive Intamin flume. A showcase park for Intamin, easily half a dozen Intamin rides are located in South Pacific alone.

Arabian Kingdom’s signature ride is Intamin’s only non-Disney Enhanced Motion Vehicle (Indiana Jones, Dinosaur) attraction. It has a theme akin to Universal’s The Mummy coasters and boasts a lengthy, satisfying queue and ride duration with lots of practical scenes and effects.

African Safari’s primary function is the park’s zoo, which features a petting farm, big cat exhibit, a massive series of primate habitats, and more.

We’ll wrap up our visit to Leofoo Village with some baby animal pictures. Who can resist?

Keep an eye out for the 3rd and final installment of our Throwback – Taiwan series, where we tackle the iconic Vekoma Tilt Coaster of Lihpao Land!

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