Throwback Series: Janfusun Fancy World

We’re excited to present a new series of articles in 2021 – a Throwback Series! We’re taking a trip down memory lane from trips that were never written about, or appeared elsewhere before Coaster Kings came to be what it is today. We’re starting off with Alexander’s 2015 trip to Taiwan’s Janfusun Fancy World!

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* These pictures were taken about six years ago and have been edited in attempt to remaster them, the quality is lower than what you’ve come to expect from us. *

January, 2015

Arrival at the Janfusun Prince Hotel, Janfusun Fancy World’s deluxe onsite hotel, was an event in its own right. We enjoyed a grand view from our room and a hearty complementary breakfast the next morning.

Our visit shoots the gap between the two biggest Chinese holidays – Christmas and Lunar New Year. Crowds were light despite everything operating at full swing, with Chrismas crowds having tapered off and New Years crowds still weeks away.

The peak of Janfusun Fancy World’s hilltop-draped midway is where guests are greeted with signature ride G5 Diving Machine. Fans of Alton Towers will recognize it as a perfect mirror image of Oblivion, though much of its Taiwanese twin is above ground.

With G5 Diving Machine conquered, an escalator ride down the valley delivers us to a surprisingly thorough complement of family and thrill rides.

Inside the indoor area is an impressive kiddie area that feels like its own park. Floor to ceiling rides and attractions are anchored by a triple-decker carousel.

The original icon for Janfusun is their Ferris Wheel. The park had just completed a colorful new paint job on the ride after a lifetime of white paint.

Finally, the farthest reaches of Fancy World bring us to the park’s follow-up to successful G5 – this time with a focus on loops and lateral force. Insane Speed Flying Car serves as a great complement to its taller counterpart.

With our taste for quirky B&M coasters and bright colors satisfied for now, we departed Janfusun Fancy World for our next adventure. We hope to be back again soon!

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