Taste of Orleans

taste of orleansCalifornia’s Great America has announced the brand new event, the Taste Of Orleans! The festival will take place the weekends of July 23-24 and 30-31 in the park’s Orleans Place area. Taste of Orleans will feature live Cajun, Jazz and Mardi Gras style music, regional food delicacies and drink and will be open to all Great America guests. Below you can find what to expect from the event as well as our general thoughts.

California’s Great America isn’t the first Cedar Fair park to feature a seasonal food event. Knott’s Berry Farm of course has been incredibly successful with their annual Boysenberry Festival, and as a result, both Great America and Carowinds ( Taste of the Carolinas) have followed suit, for example. This seems like an excellent move for the chain considering the success that has been had at Knott’s Berry Farm, and a food event is always a good way to draw a new audience that the parks may not otherwise have.

This is an equally smart move for California’s Great America specifically. In all honesty, New Orleans Square is all over the shop as far as its theme goes. The area has no real consistency, if anything, the majority of the area doesn’t fit the theme at all. An area and theme specific food festival will be a good way to reinforce the theme of the area while providing guests with a new experience, and delicious food offerings.

Speaking of delicious food, the offering for Taste of Orleans are just that. The Region cuisine includes chicken gumbo with red beans and rice, Po’boys, muffuletta, craw fish etouffee, beignets and much more. In addition, the event will feature live music including four jazz and Cajun bands that will entertain guests throughout the day. Between the delicious food and live music, Taste of Orleans sounds like it will be a great seasonal event that ca provide guests with tasty treats and a kinetic atmosphere.

We’re looking forward to this event, but are you? Make sure to comment below and let us know!

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