Summer Vibes in Full Swing at SeaWorld San Diego

20160719_162943 (Medium)Yesterday, we got a chance to visit SeaWorld San Diego, and got a chance to check out the all new Summer Vibes Show; Gazillion Bubbles. This show, housed in the Mission Bay Theater, featured Guinness World Record holding bubble artist Danny Yang. “World record holding bubble artist?” you ask. Well Danny and his family hold the record for world’s largest bubble (156 ft long) and most people fit into a bubble (over 100).

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20160719_152822 Danny begins the show by running on stage with a huge bubble wand, covering the stage and the first few rows of the audience with floating bubbles. He then begins the first stint of the show, blowing bubbles, then filling them with smaller bubbles, somehow creating the illusion that there were lasers inside each of the smaller bubbles. He then began similar tricks with fog, as he would blow larger bubbles, then fill them with the fog, either by way of large glass tubes, or his mouth, creating large white spheres, that he would then pop as if they were balloons, allowing the fog to seep out as the bubble deflated until it popped. After getting the audience hyped by doing this all to music, he introduced himself, and explained the records he and his family set. He then called for a young boy and girl on stage. After first, creating bubbles that each of them individually fit in, he creates a large bubble that captures both of them, before giving them a large container of bubble solution, and sending them off. He then began a section of the show called “The Rainbow Table” in which he blew large amounts of bubbles over a table that allowed them to seem as if there were a large amount of colors encased in each bubble, before his first section of the finale. Danny brought out another giant bubble wand and a kiddie pool full of bubble solution, and began making large tubular bubbles spanning the length of the stage before finally encasing himself in one of these bubbles. The audience erupts in applause, sparking two huge bubble machines to fill the stadium entirely with bubbles. Some fog is added and lasers are turned on to start a huge bubble light show before the show is finished.20160719_162943 (Medium) This particular show runs July 23-26, and July 30-August 2nd. Then there’s another act, Fighting Gravity, that’s showing daily August 6-14.

At night from 7PM-closing SeaWorld San Diego hosts Club Vibes in front of the Mission Bay Theater. Which is a small family friendly dance-party style event.20160719_194925 (Medium)

Located beautifully next to the lake there’s a DJ and a few dancers on the dance floor. Guests of all ages seemed to enjoy this night-time event, which perfectly ties in with the park’s summer night time shows such as Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up The Night, Sea Lions Tonite and Celebrate The Wonder Fireworks.20160719_195009 (Medium)

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