Six Flags Qiddiya and Falcon’s Flight Detail Round-up

With new details out on signature coaster for the ambitious Saudi Arabian entertainment development, we decided it was time to compile what we know about this lofty and exciting project

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Six Flags Qiddiya is just one of the major attractions in progress for the Qiddiya project, which also includes high profile sports, culture, and lifestyle facilities.

Falcon’s Flight

New details about Six Flags Qiddiya’s star project, Falcon’s Flight, include project fulfillment (Intamin) and detailed ride specs: 4km in length, 200m in height, and a top speed of 250k/hr.

Other attractions

Based on concepts hosted by Six Flags Qiddiya’s website, theres a lot of fun attractions coming to the park – from the fanciful to the familar, and everything in between.

Based on what we know, what’s your take on Six Flags Qiddiya? Do you plan to make the trek to Saudi Arabia when the resort opens in 2023? Don’t forget to apply for a Saudi visa!

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