Ice Breaker Photo Update – SeaWorld Orlando – Early January 2021

Now the crazy holiday crowds have started to leave Orlando, we popped into SeaWorld to take some pictures of the Ice Breaker progress. We’re seeing more changes in infrastructure and landscaping, including nets. Let’s take a look!

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We’ll start right at the ride’s entrance! Ice Breaker‘s location across from Wild Arctic explains the theme of the ride being an ice cold experience, really it still feels a tad tropical to me. The queue house reuses patios once used for outdoor dining for the Mango Joe’s restaurant right next door. For those looking for more seating, the new Glacier Bar across the midway offers great drinks, food, service, and seating.

Onto the station! While the train has been parked in the station for a few months now, it has not yet cycled. The furthest it has come has been testing out the sliding track that will mark the start of the ride. Air gates have also been installed, and from the looks of it lights are always on as well. The control booth still needs to be finished up. – The exit to the ride is coming together nicely and will circumnavigate the ride’s Jr. Scorpion Tail. You can click on each image and swipe to take an up-close look.

Ah! As we sort of expected already, this heavily-used walkway under the Jr. Scorpion Tail has received nets. We’re surprised no netting has been added yet to the crossover of the pathway close to the lakeside stadium, however that path is only used during special events and may not receive any nets (or at a later time).

Speaking of the Jr. Scorpion Tail, enjoy some pictures of the elegant element standing 28.3m tall! You can click on each image and swipe to take an up-close look.

Of course we’ll throw in some nice pictures of the ride’s completed track work. The 24.4m tall top hat is dwarfed by SeaWorld Orlando’s three B&M coasters, but luckily the location of Ice Breaker is nicely removed from the other coasters. You can click on each image and swipe to take an up-close look.

After the Top Hat, the trains will navigate a series of hills that make up about half of the 579.1m of track. The bright orange is a very nice color, even in the overcast skies we get in Orlando frequently. For coaster nerds out there, the pictures below nicely show off a mix of old-style and new-style Premier Rides track. You can click on each image and swipe to take an up-close look.

At the far end of the ride’s layout there’s a sort of non-inverting Immelmann. This element is only really visible when the special events midway to the stadium is open. Due to construction walls I have a hard time seeing what the theming/landscaping might be like down there, but I expect it to look pretty presentable when the ride eventually does open. You can click on each image and swipe to take an up-close look.

The coaster ends with a series of hills back to the magnetic brake run. This is where we’re seeing sand-colored gravel and landscaping going in. I expect that aesthetic to also be found around the rest of the ride’s layout.

As the project slowly comes together for (what will hopefully be) a Spring 2021 opening, we’re getting more and more excited. The focus on the color palate they’ve chosen continues around the area, the queue, station and exit, which looks very cohesive. While I continue to get tropical vibes from this arctic-themed coaster, it does look good!

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