Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – September 6, 2019

Derrion: Wow! What a hot day it was in the park today. After the major Six Flags parks announcement for 2020 I thought it would be a great time to get back to the park to give our opinion on the subject. Many of the Southern California theme parks are transitioning to the Halloween season and I could not be more excited. Here is a quick look at what you can expect from this years fright fest and new additions to the park.

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Park Update

If you recall in our last update the park moved the ticket will call to this location.

I am happy to announce that it has moved back to its original pick up place. This a better option as it alleviates crowds in the area.  To avoid any lines be sure to purchase your tickets online.

X2, X2, X2 has been running great lately. It may not be my favorite in the park but you cannot deny the marvelous engineering of this coaster. 

The green train, my favorite, is back from maintenance.  Twisted Colossus was running two trains on this visit but there were not crowds today so it worked.

The verdict is in an Green Lantern: First Flight will be shipped to Canada. I sure hope when it gets to Six Flags LaRonde the ride experience is improved. You can see here that they have already started to dismantle the ride starting with lift hill.

Sadly, Six Flags Magic Mountain will not be receiving a new attraction for 2020. There will be an all new zone ‘The Underground’ which will expand next years Fright Fest. All jokes aside West Coast Racers may just be the 2020 attraction because there still has been no release of an opening date.

Although this is so, the park is doing a great job to keep the project moving. The coaster has been completely topped off and the only section of track that remains to be placed is for the load/unload section of the station.

The station foot print has received new footers and re bar for the future structure. More electrical work continues on the first and third launches.

The area itself has received major work. Many of the restaurants and shops have new building facades and paint. The new restrooms structure has gone vertical and there is even new pavement. Here is to a new area that will enhance fright fest!

Fright Fest

Fright Fest is sure to be great this year. Here are a few of the mazes and scare zones that you won’t want to miss.

Demon’s Door is sure to be another hit. This section will be filled with many scare actors, movies, and fog.

And spooky props.

It looks as though Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy is returning to the park this year. We truly enjoy the neon inspired aesthetic its so pleasing to look at at night. 

On Samurai Summit, the Willouby’s have returned to claim there land. My all time favorite in the park Willouby’s Resurected is sure to spook guest.

The Witches Lair is back to put a spell on guest. This zone is a great use of space because the added fog and and sound effects make it immersive..

Another fan favorite, City Under Siege is back and will playfully terrorize guests. The ghouls and clowns that inhabit this area are hilarious.

Six Flags does a great job at feeling out all of the empty space. The props and decorations add so much to an area including the that will also include a cool Halloween light show.

The largest scare zone at the park, Territory Twisted returns with a new take on reality. This is another one of our favorite zones because of the incorporated use of projection mapping combined with the special effects that already make Fright Fest great.

Its nice to see the props in this area during the day. The creative team truly has out done itself once again.

This is Bob. That is all, stay tuned for a unique new video update on our YouTube account.

I hope this update was frightfully informing. Be sure to come back and witness the start of the event as well as the close of the 30 hr coffin challenge on September 14.

Thank you all for reading thus far and be sure to check out our recent updates!.

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