Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – September 2nd 2016

20160902_125415 (Medium)After yesterday’s announcement, and before four Northern California parks this weekend, I swung by Six Flags Magic Mountain to activate my 2017 Gold Pass and to get an update for our readers. There’s an incredible amount of Fright Fest preparation to cover, along with 2017-related things, and X2 and Apocalypse’s closures!

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The 2017 announcements were yesterday, and in true Six Flags Magic Mountain tradition, all the banners and season pass sales are present for the 2017 season! Such as the banner at the parking booths.20160902_122505 (Medium)

And the banners around the walkways and entrance of the park, which of course promotes their newest ride, coming in 2017: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.20160902_123747 (Medium)

On the ticket booths the Spanish banner is always to be found on the far right, the other booths have English banners.20160902_123758 (Medium) 20160902_123801 (Medium)

The current amazing Flash Sale ends on September 5th, so make sure you get your passes! Best deal you’ll get, guaranteed.20160902_123816 (Medium)

Once inside the park, after I got my 2017 Gold Pass activated, I saw a bunch of Fright Fest stuff, but to keep things clear I will discuss that later. First up, 2017 addition construction! The dirt lot has a bit more marking now, with areas tapes off. But no vertical construction yet.20160902_125715 (Medium)

The area itself remains open and there’s no advertising for the new ride to be found here.20160902_125841 (Medium) 20160902_125850 (Medium)


X2 is opening up before September 10th, but for this weekend, it’ll remain closed. There was quite some work going on on the lift hill.20160902_123959 (Medium)

Apocalypse was testing today. Not much noticeable work has been done. But I’m excited to ride and see if it became better.20160902_125415 (Medium)

The trains were running with water dummies. So I do anticipate Apocalypse being open again soon.20160902_125450 (Medium)


Let’s head over to Fright Fest coverage! Let’s start in the front of the park, where the Demon’s Door Scare Zone is located. Lots of props and theming going up.20160902_124002 (Medium) 20160902_124032 (Medium)

In front of the Valencia Falls fountain the Fright Fest icon has returned!20160902_124101 (Medium)

Over on Samurai Summit, the Willoughby’s Resurrected maze facade has been installed.20160902_124608 (Medium)

Themed elements for the Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness are also stored next to that maze, going up soon. It’s the first time I’ve seen those props, so it’s good to see the park adding to the existing mazes.20160902_124700 (Medium)

Next up: Aftermath 2 and the new scare zone in front of it: The Wastelands. A lot of old Stunt Theater props are located inside the new maze. In front of it we find a shipping container, I’m unsure whether that’s maze related or scare zone related.20160902_125309 (Medium)

Over near Tidal Wave the lights have been updated for Fright Fest. To create a creepy pathway between Colossus County Fair and the new Metropolis.20160902_125958 (Medium)

Generally across the park there are spiderwebs. Typical Halloween theming.20160902_131036 (Medium) 20160902_130502 (Medium)

In the Zombie X-ing area most of the pops are being added currently. This is always one of the better scare zones due to the insane amount of fog. 😀20160902_131126 (Medium) 20160902_131136 (Medium)

Territory Twisted is also returning, and lots of theming has been put in place already.20160902_130331 (Medium) 20160902_130343 (Medium)

Here’s the projection system for the image mapping on the outside of the theater building.20160902_130300 (Medium)

The giant entrance to the scare zone is currently dismantled on the side, ready to be installed.20160902_130307 (Medium)

And now last but not least… THE SUICIDE SQUAD Fright Fest Experience. Which has a very cool entrance!20160902_130223 (Medium)

The area’s lights are currently being installed.20160902_130127 (Medium)

The park is also adding imagine mapping for this new scare zone. Here’s the projector.20160902_130146 (Medium)

In general this will be a crazy popular attractions this Fright Fest season. Which starts in 2 weeks, on September 17th!20160902_130230 (Medium)

Justice League Battle for Metropolis_logoThanks for checking out this update!  Check out the complete announcement and our thoughts of the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis! Or checkout our European Coaster King site for a new Walibi Holland Trip Report!


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