Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain

Justice League Battle for Metropolis_logoSix Flags Magic Mountain, in partnership with Warner Bros., is introducing Justice League: Battle for Metropolis for the 2017 season. This state-of-the-art interactive game/dark ride will be the first of its kind, taking the Six Flags Dark Rides to a new level! This version of the award-winning Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride will feature new technology, shooting targets, characters and scenes!

FIRST-EVER: New Technology and Scenes!

The next generation of the award-winning Six Flags ride will now feature a spectacular new finale, new game targets and the introduction of one of DC’s hottest Super- Villains, Harley Quinn. This cutting-edge attraction brings riders into the DC Universe featuring interactive content in one of the first-ever virtual 360-degree loops on an attraction, and interactive 180-degree toroidal screens that allow riders to experience state-of-the-art gaming while riding in six-passenger pitch and roll motion-based vehicles synced to custom action- packed scenes featuring the most iconic DC characters.Justice League_Battle with Joker (Large)

The new screen technology truly allows for an immersive experience that will rival local dark-ride experiences at other well-known Southern Californian parks. In addition, with new game targets, there will be more to shoot at, in more directions! So for those of you who have also ridden Justice League: Battle for Metropolis at other Six Flags properties, Six Flags Magic Mountain brings a whole new experience. Adding to that new experience is, as mentioned above, the addition of a new finale with Harley Quinn, creating a truly unique ride experience that will stand out!

Special Effects and your Favorite DC Characters!

Slated to open at the Valencia theme park spring 2017, riders will become members of the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team in a multi-sensory four minute game experience with wind, fire, fog and special effects as they battle alongside the iconic Super Heroes, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern to save the city of Metropolis from Lex Luthor, The Joker and his henchmen. Also wreaking havoc will be Harley Quinn, The Joker’s favorite sidekick.capture_3

What Riders can Expect from Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.

Designed and built by Sally Corporation, the Jacksonville, Florida-based dark ride specialists, and Alterface Projects, the video interactive systems experts, the climactic interactive battle scenes between the Super Heroes and Super Villains include a multitude of special effects and thrilling ride experiences as guests shoot targets and score points against their friends and family while traveling on a high speed chase through the streets of Metropolis. Falling from a bridge, looping through Green Lantern’s construct and battling the Lex Bots in an underground subway station are all part of the interactive content action.Justice League_Battle with Lex Luthor (Large)

“Six Flags Magic Mountain is thrilled to once again ‘up the ante’ in Southern California’s theme park mecca and introduce one of the most state-of-the-art, innovative motion-based attraction in the world – the next generation of Six Flags award-winning JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis,” said Bonnie Sherman Weber, Six Flags Magic Mountain park president. “There is nothing like this anywhere in the world where riders are actually playing an interactive game while riding an action-packed high-intensity attraction. Leveraging the greatest Super Hero brands of all time, Batman and Superman, JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis is like a video game come to life – an immersive, multi-sensory experience with the most sophisticated technology available that is sure to deliver an unprecedented experience to thrill seekers of all ages.”Justice League_KeyArt (Large)

Featured on JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis — Ride. Play. Triumph.

Let’s take a quick look at some statistics and important information regarding the new attraction. Justice League: Battle for Metropolis features:

  • A 23,624 square foot HALL OF JUSTICE to house the full-sensory thrill ride. The Hall of Justice will be located where the Action Theater stood, next to the World’s Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Stand-Up Coaster: The Riddler’s Revenge; 
  • A 4D ride experience with wind, fire, mist, fog and special effects. Riders will wear 3D glasses for the effects-enhanced ride, creating an interactive 4D experience;
  • Life-like animatronic characters including Harley Quinn, Cyborg, The Joker and his Henchmen, and Lex Bots. The ride will feature high-quality hyper-realistic animatronics that will both be part of the pre-show and on-ride experience;
  • A dramatic fight as the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team travels through laughing gas and flames in 10 high intensity scenes;
  • One of the first-ever virtual loops, giving riders the feeling of going head over heels. If this scene is like the loop-scene on other Justice League rides, which I suspect it to be, it’s one heck of a weird, yet awesome, experience. Riders should look forward to it;
  • High-definition 3D animation shown on the first-ever, 180-degree interactive toroidal screens that fully immerses riders into the city of Metropolis. These new screens will surround the ride vehicles more than traditional screens do, creating an “in-the-action” experience that creates immersion unlike what we’re used to seeing!
  • State-of-the-art Gaming elements that put the riders into the interactive content where they compete with friends and family;
  • 6-passenger pitch and roll motion-based vehicles with multi-degrees-of-freedom to transport riders through all the exciting twists and turns without limitations, and
  • Two pre-show rooms featuring larger-than-life interactive characters.Justice League Battle for Metropolis_logo

NEW: Metropolis Themed Area.

Located in the newly-themed Metropolis area of the park, JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis — Ride. Play. Triumph. will be part of an entire area remodel of surrounding attractions, food and retail locations as well as added entertainment.

The area of the park previously known as the Movie District will get a much needed face lift, to include new scenery complimenting the Metropolis area, presumably a few repaints, and likely Justice League related ride theming around the giant plaza. The food and retail locations in the area, such as JB’s BBQ and Studio 6F will also receive a facelift, which will compliment the new entertainment, which presumably includes character meet and greets! The new Metropolis area features rides such as The Riddler’s Revenge, the World’s Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Stand-Up Coaster, as well as Tidal Wave, Scrambler and Sand Blasters. We’ll have to wait until further information has been released to see if they’re receiving new themes to fit the new area. Knowing that they’re fixing up the new area and blowing new life into the giant plaza is exciting news. (Notice in the picture below that Justice League: Battle for Metropolis will be located behind the green fence, The Riddler’s Revenge will border the new attraction).20160417_124317 (Large)

Why Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is a PERFECT addition for Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a coaster paradise, with a large collection of world-class rollercoasters. The largest collection in the world in fact, with 19 rollercoasters. The park has recently got a chance to shine with the wide collection of DC Comics related rides, such as Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, Superman Escape From Krypton, Batman: The Ride, Green Lantern: First Flight, Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, AND The Riddler’s Revenge. Which is an incredible line-up already. The park is now expanding their DC Comics themed line-up with another DC themed area (the other being the DC Universe), and a brand new ride combining all these characters in one story.

The reason I made a point of their coaster collection above is simple, the park’s main attractions are rollercoasters, and there’s not much else that really makes the park stand out (Besides Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom). Now the park will have a modern, high-tech, virtual family-thrilling dark ride that Six Flags Magic Mountain’s line-up really needed. It adds excitement, a totally new experience, and may I say some AC for those hot summer days. 😛 Of course it’s also great to see the park get a totally new version of this Six Flags attraction, which will compliment the new DC movies and popular characters. Overall, it’s just what Six Flags Magic Mountain needed. I’m confident that I, and my team-members, will ride the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis all the time. We’re confident you will too.

New_Six_Flags_logoSix Flags Magic Mountain is not the only park making grand new announcements today. All other parks in the chain are too! Such as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, our beloved Northern California park! Read all the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth details for that park here! Follow us on Social Media for a crazy amount of other new announcements and videos we’re posting from announcements around the continent. You won’t want to miss it! FacebookTwitterInstagram

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