Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 21, 2018

Alexander: We’re back at the Thrill Capital of the World. We’ve got a great big Magic Mountain update for you all! Cyclone Bay, CraZanity, Jammin’ Bumpers, and more!

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Today was my first experience with the bag scanner at security. Having my bag X-rayed feels like a smart, time efficient solution to long lines for bag checking. Hope to see this become the standard trend.

It’s a beautiful day at Magic. 

The main operative today is to get some nice camera shots of CraZanity.

This was my first time seeing the ride operate in person. What a beautiful, captivating attraction! Sean had already experienced the ride a few times, as seen in a past article. 

I’ve ridden a few Zamperla Giant Discoveries, but CraZanity has unparalleled presence. The size increase really is noticeable!

Let’s have a look at the new Jammin’ Bumpers (really love the paint scheme they went with for the building – gives me old Magic Mountain vibes).

The new vehicles and atmospheric enhancements of Jammin’ Bumpers really gave the old Sandblasters a new lease on life. 

The success of Boardwalk (and its attractions) demonstrates that flat rides really do have their Magic Mountain. Here’s to more flats in the future!

Tidal Wave’s relocated entrance helps provide the Boardwalk’s necessary water element. We’re gonna go for a ride in a bit!

But first, more CraZanity.

For anyone who thought that the public only reacts strongly coasters at Magic Mountain, you should see the amazing guest response that CraZanity elicits.

Crowds stopped in their tracks just to admire the giant pendulum’s movements, and stand for a moment in its shadow. A completely full queue didn’t stop would-be riders from lining up for their first ride!

I didn’t ride CraZanity this visit, but with the sun beating down, I decided to give Tidal Wave a shot.

With one of the park’s shortest operating windows, Tidal Wave is a ride that I’m used to seeing closed. It occurred to me that I hadn’t actually ridden it since my very first visit to Magic Mountain back in 1998.

With over 20 year’s time between rides, with Tidal Wave still impress?

Fun Fact: this warning sign outlining the stats of Tidal Wave‘s “20ft wave” is a reflection of the ride’s original boat configuration, which featured a “scooped” nose that lobbed a LOT more water at bridge-dwellers than what we see today. Still a great ride nonetheless, and so beautifully landscaped!

Queueing for Tidal Wave offers time to reflect on Green Lantern, which has been closed for about a year now. What will become of this unique ride??

Where Metropolis and Boardwalk meet is now one of Magic Mountain’s most aesthetically pleasing areas. Exiting Tidal Wave and returning to Boardwalk is a pleasant walk among mighty palm trees, freshly-painted attractions, and beauitful flowers. 

We can only hope that the future of Cyclone Bay holds a similar aesthetic!

The clean-up going on in the back of Magic Mountain makes me so happy. I’m all for preserving the past, but sometimes you just have to clean house and start fresh. 

The string of old “Spillikin Corners” shops on the left side of the midway have all been leveled. It’s crazy to have such an unobstructed view of Ninja from this angle!

Magic Mountain isn’t taking it slow with Apocalypse either, which is already missing some track!

As Magic Mountain’s collection of thrillers continues to diversify, family-friendly Ninja continues its legacy as one of the park’s strongest returns-on-investment. It’s not very tall, fast, or big, but it enjoys some of the park’s highest ridership despite an isolated location at the top of Samurai Summit.

The last remaining major Spillikin Corner structure is the Candy Kitchen, which we hope to see remain intact. 

Everyone is speculating about the new attractions being built back here and I’ just over here like “I CAN’T WAIT FOR THESE RESTROOMS TO GET REMODELED!”

I think we can expect another identity shift for Apocalypse. To what, I wonder?

To recap, pretty much everything between Jet Stream to Ninja‘s first drop has been bulldozed. All that’s left is a gift shop across from Cyclone 500 (still open), and the arcade across from Apocalypse (closed).

Some game pavilions are still standing, but the ladder game is gone (it would’ve been left of the basketball game on the right).

Everything to the left of Apocalypse’s entrance is still standing, but their redevelopment is imminent at this point. 

The basketball game over by where CraZanity is now is MIA, and the one here in Cyclone Bay is definitely down for the count. I wonder if at  least one of them will make a return!

This is a pretty cool sign. I hope the people in maintenance get to keep it.

It’s a whole lotta rubble on the other side of this barrier. 


I know it looks rough, but I think we can all agree that this is already an improvement over abandoned buildings.

Pretty much since ‘The Tree Incident of 2014″, the surroundings of Ninja have been changing almost annually. A ride on Ninja without the Cyclone Bay buildings to the left of this turn is a big change to established visuals.

Continue reading in part 2 of the update!

6 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 21, 2018”

  1. I really like the decisions the park has made with everything from Twisted Colossus on…keep it up. Such a diverse line up of rides. A Mack Spinner would continue that build!

  2. Six Flags Magic Mountain is on the right track now “)
    Happy to see all the new flats over the years & finally cyclone bay will be re-done “) All that is left is a new Metro system to help guests around the park and Six Flags has completed my check list !

    Seriously if they add a metro, SFMM will hands down be the best Amusement Park in the world !

  3. Those old Spillikin Corners buildings are 41 years old and likely termite-infested. It’ll be nice to see some new stuff in this area. But glad they’re keeping the candy place.

    The thing about Spillikin Corners was watching craftsmen make things out of glass, metal, wood, and other materials. And you could buy what they made. Very unique for the time, but people grow bored too quickly these days, so unique experiences go away.

    Reminiscing aside, I look forward to what’s coming in 2019. We’ll know what it is in only a month.

  4. When I was at Magic Mountain 2 weeks ago, I saw that the sign at Green Lantern saying that it was closed due to mechanical problems had been replaced with a sign saying that it was closed for annual maintenance. I hope that means Green Lantern will reopen soon. I really like Green Lantern and miss riding it.

  5. I’m sure the candy shop will stay probably give the building some TLC and hopefully inside where you watch stuff being made they put some counters up near the window so you can actually see and watch what their doing with the apples chocolate and peanut brittle

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