SeaWorld Orlando Update – Infinity Falls – July 22nd 2018

Nick: Today we stopped by SeaWorld Orlando to take a look at the progress of Infinity Falls, their new world class rapids ride opening later this summer. Crews are still hard at work finishing up the landscaping and theming around the attraction, so an opening date shouldn’t be too far off!

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The first thing we noticed was a raft from the new ride on display near the park entrance. It looks great, with vibrant colors and room for eight passengers!

Infinity Falls Raft

We headed to the back of the park next to see what we could see from ground level. It’s mostly construction walls, but there are several new structures, including a new gift shop, Whitewater Supply.

Infinity Falls Construction Walls

Whitewater Supply Sign

The most visible part of the ride is the themed structure that surrounds the vertical lift. When Infinity Falls opens, it will be the only rapids ride in the United States to feature an elevator lift system and it will have the tallest drop of any rapids ride in the world!

Vertical Lift Theming

To get a better view of the construction, we headed over to the Sky Tower for a birds eye view. With its air conditioned cabin, the Sky Tower is a great way to take a break from the heat, plus you get stunning 360° views of the whole park! From the top of the tower we get an excellent overview of the entire Infinity Falls site.

Infinity Falls Full

Taking a closer look at the left side of the new area, we can see where the queue will begin and snake around up to the station building. You can also see the amazing theming and landscaping work going on in the area.

Infinity Falls Queue and Station

Looking over to the right side, we get a look at the ride’s first lift which takes riders up under the massive final drop and into some intense looking rapids. Afterwards, it’s on to the vertical lift and down the world’s largest rapids drop!

Infinity Falls Rapids

Finally, we leave you with a nice close-up shot of the themed lift structure and absolutely enormous final drop. This thing looks like it’s going to be terrifying, especially if you end up going down it backwards!

Infinity Falls Lift & Drop Closeup

SeaWorld still hasn’t set an official opening date for Infinity Falls, but stay tuned to Florida Coaster Kings for future SeaWorld Orlando updates!

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