Six Flags Magic Mountain Update + GALACTIC ATTACK VR Review!

Sean: I had the chance to make a quick trip out to Six Flags Magic Mountain to check out the new Galactic Attack Mixed Reality on The New Revolution! While I was at the park I collected some more quick update-worthy information. In this quick update you’ll find some ride-related news, Justice League and Metropolis construction, and of course a review of the new Galactic Attack VR! 

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Let’s start off with taking a look around the park! First off, with the inconsistent weather, Superman: Escape from Krypton was closed this weekend. So was Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom today. Along with a lot of other ride closures it was the most non-operating rides I’ve seen at the park in years. 

Ninja was running great, but with many other nearby rides closed (Superman, Tatsu, and Apocalypse) it boosted a healthy line while the park was not all that busy. I’m looking forward to riding Apocalypse (in the background) again soon. It’s been a while. Let’s hope the refurbishment has made the ride smoother. 

Let’s head down the hill where the show building for Battle for Metropolis is popping out above the restaurants. 

The show building has entirely been enclosed, including the roof now. Which had yet to be placed in our last update. As you can see the entrance to the ride is currently being worked on. (Right side of the picture). The restaurants in front of the new ride are receiving some upgrades. Presumably they will all reopen with new names and colors as the logos have been taken off. 


The area is still undergoing plenty of construction, and lots of wooden planks can be found stored in the Riddler’s Revenge plaza. I wonder if the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis entrance will have a wooden patio as seen at Six Flags Over Texas. 

Studio 6F is in front of the restaurants that are being refurbished and received a repaint already. The red looks quite nice! 

Moving on to DC Universe, since the Six Flags corporate event was last week, the park has now (for the most part) officially taken down all Suicide Squad scare zone elements. Including the light show attributes and the crashed helicopter. Expect the bat-mobile to return soon! 

Okay for real people, why are you all waiting in this long line for the park’s most uncomfortable coaster? 

Maybe because batman is still running one train, as the other is undergoing a refurbishment, and the line is 2+ hours long on this not-too-busy day?

The planters around the DC Universe entrance have received new flowers and plants and it’s great to see the colorful DC Universe arch back!

Let’s move on to area #2 where the corporate event was held: the Screampunk District. 

Some Gleampunk District Holiday in the Park things are still up, like the Kwerkmas sign at the Gearworks Theatre. 

As well as Holiday in the Park lights and smaller decorations. All large set pieces have been removed already. 

Now let’s move on to…

The New Revolution: Galactic Attack!

This is Six Flags Magic Mountain’s third VR installment on The New Revolution since the ride’s makeover in 2016. The first being “The New Revolution” VR, the second being the Holiday in the Park “Santa’s Wild Sleigh Ride” VR, and this being the first Mixed Reality on the ride. 

The entry to the ride has received several banners promoting the new VR on the classic looping coaster. 

The logo of The New Revolution Galactic Attack states “Virtual Reality Coaster”, though the ride is marketed as Mixed Reality. Which means that the headset utilizes a live camera and layer the VR over it. SO… you can actually look around and see the people next to you and the trees and the lift hill, etc! Which is actually really cool.

The new VR uses a different system than the QR codes on the back of the seats. It now uses small boxes that, if I’m not mistaken, connect to your VR headsets. 

The station, like previous VR experiences is also covered in Galactic Attack branding. 

This VR has also rolled out at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (which we’ll publish about soon), as well as Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Mexico.

Let’s review the actual experience, shall we? Is it my favorite VR ever? Nope. The theme feels very similar to the original New Revolution VR, except you’re out in space and not on earth. Nonetheless it’s definitely an improvement. The Mixed Reality edge is great, being able to see around you, and then being fully emerged by VR is wonderful. In addition it’s a game, so you can shoot around and accumulate points. The beginning and ending of the ride in the VR setting are great, especially the “tunnel” section of the VR world.

But overall the VR world felt a bit messy to me. Too much going on and taking away of the clarity of the Universe you’re in. I had a challenging time figuring out what was going on, where I was and who was attacking, etc. Having said that, the reasons I do like the VR compared to the original, is the gaming aspect, the Mixed Reality sections of the experience, and the finale of the ride. Unlike the other VR versions of The New Revolution, Galactic Attack’s finale (trim brakes, helix, brake-run) is my absolute favorite.

If you liked Rage of the Gargoyles at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom or Santa’s Wild Sleigh Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, then definitely give it a shot. It combines some of these aspects and it’s a fun experience. If there’s a long line (may not look long but pay attention to the wait-time posted at the entrance) I’d say skip it, and check out at a later time.

Thanks for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Check out SeaWorld San Diego’s largest new-attraction roll-out in history! As well as our new Disneyland Resort Update! 


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