Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 24th

Sean: While we release our Europe reports, we would also like to sprinkle in some Californian updates of course! One of this week’s updates takes us to Six Flags Magic Mountain where Boardwalk construction is in full swing and Hurricane Harbor sees more improvements. That and more exciting news in this update.

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Let’s start our lovely update at Hurricane Harbor where the repainting of Lightning Falls continues. 

They are moving at a nice pace as the vast majority of the slide has been repainted orange. It’s great to see the park add all this color to their water slides. 

The top pieces from the center slide (that has a full tube start) are still dismantled on the ground but have been repainted. 

You may have noticed that we are finally able to see through the chain-link fence, that’s because the majority of the vegetation has been removed. The entire fence surrounding the water park is in dire need of replacement.  

Here’s a final look at the fresh new orange! i hope that the awnings on top of the complex will also be orange. 

Now let’s move on to the exciting development at the front of the park! The security check point will finally be covered! 

The wooden panels that form the roof of the metal detectors have just been replaced, and now the shade structure is going up. 

It’s massive and starts right past the ticket counters. 

The side metal detectors too are receiving shade. 

This is a much welcomed and much needed change. Something the park should’ve done earlier in my opinion. 

It looks like the park is gonna go with red for the awnings, which there are a few stored behind the metal detectors. 

Let’s ride The Classic Revolution! Oh wait, that’s closed. 

The new 2018 park map is now in use, I like their use of existing rides rather than using renderings of a new ride that is not even vertical yet. It looks quite clean.

Twisted Colossus unfortunately was down to 2 trains, which I usually don’t mind but there was an actual queue for it! Having said that, it is running very well.

Some scrambler pieces are laying around below Scream!, more on Scrambler in a little bit. 

First up the Intamin coaster that has been down for about as long as Xcelerator was down, Green Lantern: First Flight, now has all of its new brakes installed.  If you look closely you will see that there are 3 pairs of new brakes mid raven turn. As well as some on the bottom of the raven turn. 

Funny enough the park is paying close attention to the landscaping details surrounding the ride, though at this point I am not sure how many people make the track to this ride. I hope they get it open soon, if only so there’s no dormant coaster standing around. Those times are over Magic Mountain… (Flashback, Psyclone…)

Alright time to move on to the Boardwalk! Where construction and upgrades move along nicely!

The patio behind Johnny Rockets is currently undergoing a refurbishment, as so is the rest of the building. Though I really hope Six Flags Magic Mountain will stop this mismatch of tables and seats everywhere. It looks very ugly. 

It’s starting to look a lot nicer already, given they have replaced some pieces of wood that were falling apart. I’m excited to see the final result. 

The ride has yet to go vertical, as of right now they are drilling holes for the footers and pouring the footers. All ride pieces are still stored on the overflow lot. 

Change is taking place at Tidal Wave where the repaint process has started. The park is moving away from brown and adding teal/aqua colors to the queue and building.

The ride itself too will be repainted, but a color is still unknown at this time. I hope they add a 3rd boat (which they have) to help with capacity. 

The little shed/harbor theming has been removed, exposing the now unused old queue, hoping they put something else here!

The new queue for the effects-filled new bumper cars is almost done, the construction on the bright and retro looking Scrambler continues. Keep in mind that the entirety of the ride will be covered by awnings soon! To help with the brutal SoCal sun. 

The restrooms are also under construction at this time, where we’ll see new urinals and trough sinks. As we all know this park has some of the worst restrooms, glad to see they’re improving on it. 

Look at these spiffy looking roofs of Scrambler and the bumper cars! 

Something les spiffy is the pavement and fencing surrounding Ninja near Cyclone Bay. I’, hoping 2019 is the year Cyclone Bay gets its major refurbishment and makeover, so things like this will be fixed up.

Ninja on the other hand was running great, now Jet Stream has reopened it’s fun riding this Suspended Coaster over water, rather than a concrete mess. 

The weather was beautiful out, these weekday crowds are very nice for rides on rather popular coasters like Tatsu. 

Time for a ride on the Black Belt of Coasters!

And here’s the large construction operation next to the park for a giant new neighborhood. They’re not wasting anytime on getting land ready for construction. 

I ended my quiet day at the park with a ride on Viper, of course.

Stay tuned for several more California theme park updates this week! 

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update!

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3 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 24th”

  1. Yay finally shade for the metal detectors strange how they didn’t think to do that 20 years ago or at least in the late 1990’s

  2. A few random thoughts:

    Regarding the orange color on the waterslides, orange is quite the eye popping color (look at Scream!), but I hope they don’t go overboard with it. Especially as it fades over time.

    “Though I really hope Six Flags Magic Mountain will stop this mismatch of tables and seats everywhere. It looks very ugly. “

    Yes, it does and I couldn’t agree more. But that’s what happens when you are either looking to save money by getting the least expensive tables, or the manufacturer of the original tables/seats no longer makes that same design, has gone out of business, etc.

    YAYYY!!1! for new shade by the metal detectors. Six Flags would be wise to put some solar panels on top of there. They are supposed to be putting some covers over part of the parking lot with solar panels which will not only provide shade for our beloved cars, but also will generate some power that will lower the electric bill for the park. (I’d hate to see what that is…)

    It just so happens that I will be at the park tomorrow with a friend who hasn’t been there in 10 or 12 years. And I’ve heard that the park is pretty slow this week, so that’ll be good.

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