Six Flags Magic Mountain Offseason Update – January 11-12, 2018

Alexander: The Holidays have wound down for Six Flags Magic Mountain, which means that the reality of daily operation is setting in.

Crowds are amazingly light, and the park seems to be doing a good job of keeping rides open. Hopefully they can keep it up!

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In addition to the standard update -related needs for my two days at the park, I have a new camera lens to test out. 

The lens allows for wider, clearer, and (hopefully) better over all shots.

My first of two days started in the evening; just a quick visit for a couple hours.

The vastness of Magic Mountain’s entry plaza benefits from a wider lens capture.

I rode Tatsu on my visit, my first ride on it in recent memory. Despite 1-train operation, the ride was a 1-train wait for most seats.

When the sun hits Tatsu just right, it almost doesn’t look like a faded mess.

Viper is looking radiant as always.

Here’s a shot I’ve always wanted to achieve, but wasn’t able to with the old lens.

Staff members operating the rides were in good spirits on all attractions I visited on both days. Happy staff members reflect Magic Mountain’s desirable working environment. 

Only one train on Viper is necessary on a day like today, but despite short lines park-wide, the ride enjoys a surprising level of popularity.

X2 ran two trains on both days. Walk-on status for the park’s most popular ride!

Viper loves the wide-angle lens.

I feel like the depth for shots has improved, even in mixed lighting scenarios.

The audio is off for both trains on X2, but the fire was seen working as I left the park on my day 2 visit. 

After a lengthy holiday season with 1 train operation, Ninja is back to 2 trains.

This picture didn’t come out like I’d hopped, but here it is anyway. 😛

On day 2, I had a lot more daylight to work with. I decided to test out some new-lens action on Full Throttle, despite its 1-train operations.

Time to start experimenting more with high shutter speed captures!

Getting clear shots of passengers on rides is always challenging for me.

But my new lens coupled with some ultra-fast captures yielded some nice results right away. 

As a tota amateur with a cheap, pre-owned lens, I feel good about the results.

I still need to work on clearer captures and getting a feel for which shutter speeds work best for which scenes. Two trains on Scream helped me get a few tries in quick succession.

Alright, the real reason you’re here:

CrayZanity and Boardwalk development is full-steam ahead.

The hardhat area has crept all the way to Sandblasters and Scrambler. Looking forward to seeing these classics get some TLC.

A rare look at some old Metro track. Cut trees make parts of this relic plain to see!

Riddler’s Revenge got a lot of love from me this visit.

Riddler has been running exceptionally well since its rehab.

And it’s especially lovely to photograph in its sharp new colors.

Guests were treated to 2-train Riddler operations on both days I visited.

Riddler’s Revenge is such a treasure. Having a great roller coaster isn’t uncommon, but have a great Stand-Up coaster is extremely rare.

The margin of error is high for these rides, and older models have rapidly vanished, but Riddler still delivers one of the best experiences found at Magic Mountain. 

Speaking of vanishing, Magic Mountain’s other green coaster, Green Lantern, might just be living on bought time (or, in this case, sitting on bought time). The ride is SBNO until further notice for internal reasons. 

Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom is open daily after some lengthy downtime, but Superman: Escape From Krypton is operating intermittently. Goliath is still experiencing a prolonged technical delay and is closed until further notice. 

Here at the old wharf bathrooms, we see the far edge of the 2018 construction zone. 

The 2018 developments will serve as an attractive bridge between last year’s Metropolis project and Magic Mountain’s other most cosmetically-pleasing areas, DC Comics Universe and Screampunk District. 

Soon, everything from Scream to Goldrusher will look fresh as a daisy. We applaud Magic Mountain’s steady revitalization of the park. 

Soon Magic Mountain will set their sights on the park’s biggest identity crisis and eyesore, Cyclone Bay.

Apocalypse has a decent draw, but for such a massive and out-of-the-way part of the park, just one coaster isn’t going to cut it. 

The midway between Cyclone Bay and Rapids Camp Crossing remains my favorite part of the park, however.

There aren’t any rides on the gap between Apocalypse and Roaring Rapids, but fabulous views of Ninja are plenty. 

Even with 1-train operations, Ninja fans would wait in 1hr+ lines over the holidays. Glad there’s so many people out there who love this charming classic as much as I do!

Ok, I’m starting to get better at this shutter speed stuff. 

*when you’re laying on the ground taking shots of Ninja up above and park patrons ask you to take their picture.*

I will never not re-take this shot every time I upgrade my camera. <3

And so ends two great days at Magic Mountain. As the weeks of low occupancy continue, it will be interesting to see how operations are maintained.

For those wondering, Twisted Colossus is back down to two-train operation, which is why I didn’t take any pics off it. I can’t bear to photograph it if it’s not racing. Hopefully 3 trains will return sometime before spring. 

Keep an eye on CCK for more updates on Magic Mountain 365! It’s going to be a great year!

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  1. I wish I had a job like you guys going to different theme parks around the would traveling going from park to park, riding rides posting pictures that would be a dream come true for me. I too love magic mountain and I have has a season pass twice in my lifetime I might buy a season pass in a year or two after I payoff some bills and buy a car. You guys are awesome.

  2. I’m really surprised that you didn’t mention or take pics of both Coldstone locations being permanently closed with all signage removed.

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