Six Flags Magic Mountain + New Revolution Update – October 23rd 2015

20151023_124011 (Large)It’s been a few weeks, but we’re back with another Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! It was a relatively empty, thanks to it being a Friday morning, in my few hours there I got a bunch of rides in on most major rides. In this update we’ll be taking a look around the park, as well as the progress being made on the New Revolution that will open in Spring 2016. Here’s Six Flags Magic Mountain + New Revolution Update of October 23rd 2015.

Let’s start with the fact that the Shadows of Evil transformation of Apocalypse is widely advertised around the park, through banners, sings, and even announcements. 20151023_113216 (Large) The Epic Rides has reopened after being closed for an extended period. ‘Shadows of Evil: The Ride’ was closed this morning/afternoon. 20151023_123556 (Large) Maybe I just didn’t notice it on my last three Fright Fest trips but the Wastelands Scare Zone is literally PLASTERED in KROQ ads. 😛20151023_121551 (Large) Here stands the Aftermath, arguably the best maze the event has ever had, and definitely the most visually pleasing. The Aftermath will be closing after next weekend, so there’s only this weekend and next weekend to visit the maze, as it will not be returning next year.20151023_121606 (Large) In case you don’t follow us on Social Media (YOU SHOULD), we reported that Ninja went back to two train operations on the 2nd of October, so in case you missed it… here ya go. 20151023_123734 (Large)The refurbished train has all black restraints, I happen to LOVE how that looks. 20151023_124004 (Large) Not sure what’s up in Whistlestop Park this time, but part of the concrete has been taken out near the (closed) Whistlestop Train. 20151023_113512 (Large) Again, if you don’t follow us on Social Media, we posted this picture on October 11th, the 4th Twisted Colossus train (part of it) has appeared next to the ride’s storage tracks. The rest of the train has yet to be finished/ be relocated to the storage tracks. This car (as of today) still stands in the exact same spot, so nothing has happened over the last 12 days. 12109263_424374697748164_2044460386527956174_n

Let’s move on to The New Revolution! Look at these nice walls totally blocking the view of the entrance to the ride. 😛20151023_112921 (Large) Behind these walls there was definitely some sort of construction going on, when I walked  down and passed it, it seemed as if they were working under the storage tracks. 20151023_112941 (Large) There doesn’t seem to be any track work being done yet.20151023_112946 (Large) The exit path leading down to the entrance of the ride has been taken out. The once-concrete-path is now just a load of sand. The concrete stairs that lead to the top of Baja Ridge still remain in place. 20151023_111506 (Large) Oddly enough, one of the trains reappeared in the station, but backwards… it did have test/water dummies in it. Later in the day alarms sounded and maintenance was present in the station, but I’m unsure if the train has actually ran backwards or if it was just positioned that way in the station. 20151023_111532 (Large)


Let’s finish this update with Tatsu and Full Throttle. Both losing their record(s). Tatsu, currently the World’s Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Flying Coaster will soon lose the record for tallest and longest, as the Flying Dinosaur (Gigantic) B&M Flying Coaster coming to Universal Studios Japan will be taller and longer. Tatsu is 3,602 ft long, Flying Dinosaur is/will be 3,688 ft long. 20151023_124557 (Large)Tatsu kept its records for 10 years exactly by the time Flying Dinosaur opens, which is quite impressive.

Credit: @made_in_USJ12088483_918410931566800_2453736615702323865_n

Full Throttle on the other hand only had it’s record for about 2.5 years, as the new Flash Mack coaster at Lewa Adventure has a taller loop. Luckily there are some more ways to accurately state some sort of record for Full Throttle’s loop. Such as ‘The Western Hemisphere’s Tallest Loop’. 20151023_124909 (Large)Flash started testing in the last few days, and POVs are flying all over the internet. Yes, it’s incredible looking. This ride should be evidence of why we need more Mack rides all over the World.

Credit: Unknown12088016_919813121426581_7466727772780108020_n

Thanks for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Share your thoughts of the new Flying Dinosaur and Flash below!

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  1. How much taller than Full Throttle’s loop is the new loop on Flash? I haven’t seen any stats anywhere. But Full Throttle’s loop will still be the only one that you go around on the inside and fly over on the outside. That’s quite impressive, really.

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