Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest 2017 – Scare Zone Reviews

Sean: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest is back for another big year of haunting. In the past years they have had a lot of Scare Zones, they toned it down a bit to just six this year. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest has been one of the few events that has always impressed me with their Scare Zones, and unlike separately ticketed events, much relies on their Scare Zones. Let’s take a look at this year’s returning Scare Zones, and the new Damned ‘N Disguise.

Demon’s Door

Scare Zone Rating: 7.5

Demon’s Door has been around for a few years and is still a perfect entry-plaza Scare Zone! This year the talent seems a bit scarce, but the themed elements, awesome music and flamethrower make for an awesome Scare Zone. This is the 4th year of Demon Door, and it’s time for the park to add some extra elements to this Scare Zone. I hope to see that next year when Demon’s Door will likely return.

Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy

Scare Zone Rating: 8.5

The park has a neon/blacklight maze, but also a neon/blacklight Scare Zone that is challenging to navigate with all its fog. The fairytales theme is delivered very well and the actors are stellar. The Scare Zone is not terribly big, but it’s immersive and what it does, it does well. The Scare Zone is relatable and through the use of common fairytale sayings by gruesome fairytale characters, most visitors can get a great kick out of this area!

TERRORtory Twisted

Scare Zone Rating: 9

This rather impressive Scare Zone does a great job utilizing the large open space of Screampunk District by providing lots of great scenery, lighting, projection mapping, fog effects and a set of great actors with wonderfully steampunk-y costumes. There are plenty of scares, which is important to me. Many so said “Scare Zones” across Haunt event do very little scaring. Ever since its debut in 2015 this Scare Zone has felt unique and well executed. Besides it also houses the park’s (arguably) best coaster: Twisted Colossus. 

Suicide Squad

Scare Zone Rating: 8.5

Back by popular demand, we have the Suicide Squad: A Six Flags Fright Fest Experience, with crashed cars, helicopters, a synchronized light show, projection mapping, flame throwers and photo ops with popular characters of the 2015 movie. The area packs a punch for the movie/franchise lovers and is one of the event’s best productions ever. I personally wish they focused a bit more on scaring and less on the photo ops, but overall this Scare Zone utilizes a ton of technology to really create something cool. I’m excited that they brought it back. 

Exile Hill

Scare Zone Rating: 9

One of my favorite Scare Zones at the event is the fog filled, slider filled, dark Scare Zone that connects Willougby’s Resurrected with Dead End. Some fan favorite characters called this area their home and with the hilly terrain and lack of light pollution, there really is a great little area with lots of scares. I’m a big fan and will say that this is definitely one of my favorites.

NEW – Damned ‘N Disguise

Scare Zone Rating: 6.5

I am very disappointed with this year’s new Scare Zone in the Metropolis area of the park. It lacks theming, it is way to spread out, and it is very confusing. There is a 15 minute show where a masquerade turns into a villain and clown invested party, through three different scenes with costume changes, music changes, and light changes. The music choice is weak, the costume changes are too rushed, and most guests would not understand the significance, and there are not enough actors (while it is all focused on the square right in front of Battle for Metropolis). This Scare Zone may as well be called ” Metropolis in the Dark”. Unfortunately both the new Scare Zone and the new Maze (Dead End) this year, are not up to the standard they’ve created for themselves recently. Focus on other Scare Zones!

The Scare Zones at this event, with the occasional exception, are awesome. The mazes have been solid in recent years as well! Make sure to check out this year’s Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest Maze Ratings and Reviews! 

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  1. I was not impressed with any of the scare zones. Nightmares was cool visually, but all were lacking the actors needed and the scares.

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