Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – November 11th 2016

dsc_0786We do apologize for the delay, we have been rather busy as of late, but you know what they say, better late than never. With that out of the way, please enjoy our large Veterans Day update from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

We of course visited on Veterans Day, and we were welcomed respectfully by a large American Flag on the entrance plaza stage. Thank you to all those who have served, truly. dsc_0771

Also taking place during our visit was home-school day, meaning the park was jam packed with school age children. What a thrill.dsc_0743

The crowds from both Veterans Day and of course the home-school kids meant a crowded day at the park. Crowded park means long lines and the brand new RMC work of art; The Joker, was no exception.dsc_0732

With some rather slow two train operations, Joker had a full queue with all the switchbacks in use. It seems as though most technical issues have been sorted out however, which is a good sign. Not all 2016 RMCs can say the same after all. dsc_0738

V2 is up and running of course, and it sported one of the shorter lines in the park as it often does. We still like this coaster, although at this point we think a re-theme to The Flash (suggested by a reader) would do wonders thematically.dsc_0751

Superman: Ultimate Flight also had a full queue being the capacity nightmare that it is. Hopefully it sports the walk on status during Holiday in the Park last year again this year. dsc_0786

Kong has stopped running VR since the end of Fright Fest, information contradictory to that which we had been given by park representatives.dsc_0778

It is entirely possible that the VR will still return, but as of now it looks like Kong will remain in this reality, although still much smoother. dsc_0761

Moving on from some of the headliners, it’s that time of year at Discovery Kingdom when many smaller rides are closed for scheduled maintenance. Boomerang of course is included in that list. dsc_0749

White Water Safari is also down, along with Voodoo of course. We can’t remember the last time Voodoo and open were put in the same sentence without a “Not”. Don’t be surprised if it gets the Riptide treatment in coming months. dsc_0747

Of course, Monsoon Falls is still down from its run during Fright Fest as Boathouse on Blood lake. It should remain that way until next year.dsc_0722

Speaking of Fright Fest, things aren’t entirely cleaned up yet. The Carnevil structure is still there under the tent along with some remains from Nightmare manor. img_0958-3dsc_0772

img_0942Speaking of Special Events, just around the corner is none other than Holiday in the Park! Things are already looking cheerful in preparation for the event including the park’s massive entrance plaza Christmas tree.

In addition the sledding hill, a Holiday in the Park staple and personal favorite of ours, is already constructed, and only needs the snow as the finishing touch. img_0949

Of course lights are also popping up everywhere, including in the midway behind the sharks where there is an unofficial light show every year.dsc_0744

The official light show, Dazzle, also looks more or less ready to go. We cannot wait, as we were very impressed by this light spectacular last year.dsc_0769

I hate to end on a sour note, but we do have a slight bone to pick. Food services at the park during our last few visits have been pretty horrendous. I really do not care to complain about trivial issues at parks, I love the industry and I love Discovery Kingdom. However, when I have to scour the park in search of the shortest food line, and still wait 40 minutes on an at most moderately crowded day, that’s ridiculous. This has been issue for a few months now, hell, last time I visited I waited two hours for a burrito. I don’t work at the park, I don’t know if it’s an issue with management, the employees, the supervisors, or anyone else, it’s not my place to say. This is an issue however that needs to be fixed, as guests getting food, dining pass or otherwise, should not have to deal with this nonsense. Anyways, here’s a picture of the Chop Six, it was fine.img_0960

And since we would actually hate to end on that, don’t forget that Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth is coming in 2017! These rides are absolutely phenomenal and we get wait for them to break ground so we can start covering the construction!

20161014_171925-largeThat’s all we have for this update, we’ll be back at the park soon for some Holiday in the Park coverage. Thanks for reading, and make sure to check out Raphael’s Cedar Point adventure here, as well as our recent Six Flags Magic Mountain Update here. Leave a comment below, and take care.

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2 Replies to “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – November 11th 2016”

  1. Totally agree with you on the food! Even on not crowded days, the food lines get over an hour. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I hope they can get their food problems sorted out, -: this has been a problem since the beginning of summer. Also, can’t wait for those dead winter days when nothing has a line! Good trip report! Always love reading them!

  2. Nor sure if I’m the reader you were referring to, but I still think Batman would be better. It would get rid of that color scheme I could easily do without… Blue track and black supports????

    Also, you said there is an unofficial light show? Like to music or that they flash in some way? Or do you mean like a display of just solid ON lights???

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