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We’re proud to present the 4th set of designs for the Coasters and Landmarks line. This week’s theme is “Starstuff” with 5 brand new intergalactic designs of retro, and not-so-retro, cosmic attractions. See what’s new this week on Shop Coaster Kings:

Space ’75

This roller coaster has become a household name and is one of the most attended roller coasters in the world. This Lake Buena Vista, Florida, staple started a fascination with space-themed roller coasters that soon spread across the planet. This original version is full of character and we wanted to bring its historical significance to life. 1975 was the start of a new themed coaster experience fascination. Enjoy this design with various backgrounds!

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Space ’95

This French Jules Verne themed launch coaster took you on several missions into space. The 1995 attraction was revolutionary not just for its detailed theming and story telling, but also for the high-tech launch mechanism shooting the rocket-like trains towards the moon. We wanted to bring this unique approach to the space-themed coaster to life by creating a design that celebrates all of the detail surrounding the astonishing looping coaster. The design is available with chrome and nebula-inspired background colors.

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Space ’05

A reimagined classic opened in Hong Kong and Anaheim in 2005 bringing the  simple, yet thrilling, compact coaster we’ve all grown to love. Whether you ride these for their awesome soundtrack, or seasonal overlays, these coasters are some of the best attractions at their respective parks. This fun design is presented with various backgrounds to bring Hong Kong’s colorful version of the ride to life.

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Starry Skies

This dark, yet flashy, design represents one of the most fascinating B&M Flying Coasters on Earth, located in the Jiangsu province of China. Unlike most designs in our collection, this design is presented in mostly light backgrounds to pay homage to the coaster’s fascinatingly futuristic color scheme.

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A true classic holds up our promise of a retro design release. We wanted to capture the ride’s iconic look while also turning your world upside down in the design. This Starship inverting flat ride can now only be found in a few parks around the globe, but it will live on with this sleek cosmic design. Enjoyed with a variety of backgrounds, it’s one of our favorite releases yet.

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