Chessington Howl’oween – The South UKs best scare event?

The South of the UK is known for having a series of amazing scare events, from Shocktober Fest, Fright Nights and Screamland to Howloween and Brick or Treat we really are spoilt for choice in the South. 2020 was different though…so of the few events that ran, was Chessingtons the best?

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With so many of the usual events not running this season there are certainly fewer contenders for this title than usual, in truth the main 3 events this year have been from the 3 Merlin parks. Traditionally Chessington’s Halloween events are known not for full-on scares but rather a family-friendly spooky vibe. This all changed in 2016 when “Creepy Caves” made its debut, since then it has evolved into one of the strongest mazes in the UK winning multiple awards across multiple categories. Beyond Creepy Caves Chessington have remained relatively family friendly (but the actors know when to up the intensity for you)  they have also built on their amazing parkwide atmosphere lighting up all coasters beautifully and adding lots of extra spooky theming!

If you really want to be scared…Go to Chessington, really Creepy Caves Redemption is one of the most intense mazes I have ever experienced. Beyond Creepy Caves many of the queue line actors are genuinely quite scary in places and help to provide an extra spooky atmosphere!

I think overall Howloween feels like the most consistent event, and maybe that is what makes it the best. Everything works together, from the queue line actors to the decorations around the park, it’s extremely consistent compared to other events.

In conclusion, I think that its consistency, scariness, and the fact it’s the home of Creepy Caves makes Chessingtons Howl’oween event the best in the south by far this year! So do you agree? Let me know your thoughts in the Instagram DMs both @EuropeanCoasterKings or my own account @Kai.4i are open. Most importantly if you didn’t have the chance to visit any of these events this year then make sure you do next year!



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