SeaWorld San Diego to Debut New Launch Coaster in 2023

Arctic Rescue, one of SeaWorld San Diego’s most anticipated attractions, will open in the spring of 2023. Arctic Rescue will join other thrill rides at the amusement park as the West Coast’s longest and fastest straddle coaster. This family-friendly multi-launch ride invites guests to mount a snowmobile and race through the unpredictable arctic climate at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour in an effort to save endangered animals. Arctic Rescue has a height requirement of 48 inches, but thrill-seekers of all ages will enjoy its thrills and chills.

The coolest new roller coaster at SeaWorld will feature an indoor launch station where riders will begin their journey inside the Wild Arctic exhibit before launching outside astride a snowmobile-style vehicle. Guests will experience three exhilarating launches at speeds of 34, 38, and 40 miles per hour while racing through the Arctic. The snowmobile-style straddle seats provide each rider with an immersive experience as they lean into banks and turns and glide up heights as high as 30 feet along the 2,800-foot track. Each train manufactured by Intamin Worldwide will accommodate 16 passengers in eight rows of two seats.

“We’re continuously looking for ways to add new experiences to the park for our guests and this new coaster is a great addition to our ride line-up and a perfect complement to the Wild Arctic exhibit. The ride is also an educational opportunity for guests to learn more about climate change, how it impacts animals in the Arctic and what they can do to help the issue. I truly feel that seeing these animals up-close at SeaWorld allows guests to build a stronger connection and encouragement to take action to help protect them.”

– Jim Lake, SeaWorld San Diego Park President.

The Arctic is experiencing unpredictable climate fluctuations and global warming three times faster than the rest of the planet. As a result, the Arctic sea ice that many species rely on for survival is melting, threatening their survival and forcing them to alter their hunting, breeding, and migration patterns. The ride was inspired by the heroic efforts and dedication of the SeaWorld Rescue Team in rescuing animals in distress and in need of care. Riders will compete against the unpredictability of the arctic climate to save these animals. Arctic Rescue is incorporated into the Wild Arctic exhibit, which is home to ringed seals, walruses, and beluga whales, which are among the species most negatively affected by Arctic sea loss. The new ride will raise awareness of the pressures affecting the Arctic and allow guests to visit, observe, and learn more about each Arctic-dwelling species.


Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the SeaWorld San Diego site tour for the new Intamin roller coaster. However, our ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) friends were able to! Here’s a look at some of the previous Arctic Rescue efforts:

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