SeaWorld San Antonio Will Debut the Only Launched Log Flume in the World in 2023!

Catapult Falls, a NEW water flume coaster, will be built at SeaWorld San Antonio in 2023, the park said today. The first-of-its-kind rollercoaster combines the thrill of a launched roller coaster, the thrill of a vertical lift elevator that elevates riders above the theme park, and a water flume ride with the steepest drop, producing repeated adrenaline rushes as well as spectacular splashes to cool passengers.

“Catapult Falls will be the perfect addition to our already fantastic line up of family rides. Not only will it provide thrills for those wanting the exhilaration of a coaster-type ride, but being a water ride, it will give guests one more way to cool down in the hot Texas temperatures.  It will be the perfect family adventure ride.”

Byron Surrett, SeaWorld San Antonio President.

World’s First Launched Flume Coaster and Steepest Drop in a Flume Attraction

Guests will experience the first launched flume coaster in the world! Eleven boats, each carrying eight riders, will be propelled through the launch at 30 feet per second, giving passengers the thrill of a roller coaster while experiencing the rocking and swaying of a water track. Once riders reach the highest point of the ride, they will experience the world’s steepest flume attraction drop! At an astounding 53-degree angle, the chute propels riders at over 37 miles per hour into a splashing splashdown. This unique attraction lasts longer than five minutes, making it a fantastic family experience.

North America’s Only Vertical Lift Flume Coaster

After a series of twists and turns, Catapult Falls uses a state-of-the-art elevator, the only one of its kind on the continent, to transport riders to a height of almost 55 feet at a rate of seven feet per second. As the ride prepares passengers for the ultimate plunge, the stunning vistas are brief.

Catapult Falls debuts in 2023, joining an impressive collection of thrill rides such as the Great White, Steel Eel, Texas Stingray, Wave Breaker: the Rescue Coaster, and Tidal Surge.

Our Thoughts

We are thrilled that SeaWorld San Antonio will once again have a log flume, and one that breaks records. The collection of major thrill and family rides at this amusement park is robust, and this is a good step towards enhancing the guest experience. The combination of distinctive aspects, such as the launch and elevator, as well as the ride’s modern and clean appearance will complement the adjacent Wave Breaker: the Rescue Coaster. Once it opens, we’ll make sure to check it out for ourselves!

Ride Layout

Concept Animation Video

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