Ride Review: L’Embruixabruixes – Tibidabo

Alex: I went to Tibidabo in Barcelona today to try their newest ride, the rethemed “L’Embruixabruixes”. This ride is the oldest attraction at the park, and last year it turned a 100 years old. With the last renovation being 11 years ago it was time for an update!

The theme is the same as the previous one: the witches and sorcerers that live within the mountain. But all of the inside and the story is totally new for the occasion.

A more high-tech ride is set up here, with LED structures and projections being the main theming now. But this is just what disappointed me the most when comparing it to the previous version. There are no real props, animatronics or real theming, only some kind of fairies that appears on the projected screens.

The ride itself is very abstract and I can’t say it works well with the witches and sorcerers theming, it’s only a sequence of rooms that cannot be linked one to another. Despite that, there are some very cool effects and I liked some of the rooms and audio effects, they really surprised me in a good way. But others just seemed basic and incomplete and I think that doesn’t work for the attraction as a whole.

The intention of renewing a new ride is always welcomed, but if the new version has shortcomings regarding the story or features nonsense-scenes of the ride with nothing but darkness, I honestly prefer the previous version.

Luckily, we can find some of the old props at the end of the ride in order to remember the past of that ride, but without forgiving the new spirit of this centennial attraction.

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