Railblazer Construction Update #1

Byron: We were able to check out the progress of Railblazer at California’s Great America last weekend. Below we will outline the progress made thus far. Although the construction is somewhat limited at this stage, we figure we should start covering this very exciting project early. Please enjoy the first of many Railblazer construction updates.

The construction wall surrounds the entire area, making it pretty difficult to photograph. It also displays promotional information about the ride including concept art and the rides new logo. 

Regarding the construction site itself, well as of now it’s a big plot of dirt. There is not yet any track work, footers, theming elements or anything really. That being said, the bones are there and you can see things beginning to take shape. You can see in the mage below the elevation difference between the ground on the left and the right. The “holes” or “ditches” are most likely for the lakes and water features that the ride and area will include. 

You can see another good example of these ditches here from a slightly different angle. The various excavators and bobcats have cleared a tremendous amount of dirt.

Here’s another shot showing off the sheer quantity of heavy machinery needed for the clearing of this area. Remember, not to long ago there was landscaping and ponds here.

Here you can see what look to be markers for the locations of concrete footers. Going by the animation the lift will be just over this area, so the need to dig out some additional dirt to pour footer is there. In addition, the orange markers are aaranged in a similar pattern the supports shown in the animation.

Lastly, here’s a shot of the entire area from the Star Tower just to keep things in perspective. It’s pretty impressive that they were able to use such a small area to fit in a headlining attraction like Railblazer.

Alright, a very short update this time, but we’ll have lots more as construction starts to heat up. Make sure to check back after this weekend for more Railblazer and Haunt content, otherwise, thanks for reading and take care.

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