Quicksilver Express Ride Review

dsc_0417Quicksilver Express is one of the often forgotten coasters in California, and being at a park the size of Gilroy Gardens that’s almost understandable. Quicksilver express however is a gem, and very much worth more discussion. This Morgan mine train through the beautiful backwoods of Gilroy Gardens was a whole lot of fun, and it’d be a shame if we didn’t give it some deserved recognition, so enjoy the following Ride Review of Quicksilver Express!

The queue has some old images outlining the history of the park, but it is most likely that you will just be able to walk right through to the station. You will then choose your seat in one of the four cars with three rows each, and two people across, making for a 24 person train. After fastening your seat belt and puling down your lap bar, the single train will be dispatched and you’re off on your backwoods adventure.20160903_114540 (Medium)

The first lift hill is only about the length of the train. and the drop that follows is even a little shorter making it a very mild experience towards the front of the train. Regardless, the train releases from the lift and turns left before coasting its way through an oddly banked s-turn. Already the incredible landscaping is apparent, as you twist your way through the tree covered hill with gorgeous greenery in every direction. After a few more small turns and dips that maneuver you through the varying terrain,  you turn to the right and begin ascending the second lift hill.img_0401-1dsc_0409

This lift hill is much larger, and fortunately so is the following drop. As the train disengages the chain, you drop comparatively steeply while turning to the right, hugging the hillside and following the terrain elegantly. Towards the back, this drop is actually quite a lot of fun, and is a good indication that this coaster is about to pick up the pace.img_0400-1 dsc_0415

After bottoming out, you then rise up and bank awkwardly to the left, traverse a small but fun bunny hill, and approach the tunnel. The track flattens out before you enter the tunnel and bank hard to the right with some decent speed. The train then rises up slightly before dropping suddenly and banking left with the terrain. This hill actually provides some decent airtime towards the back of the train which was a very pleasant surprise for a family coaster. You once again rise into another hill and are met with even more (dare I say ejector) airtime, before diving back down to once again hug the terrain.dsc_0413

The train follows along with a 270 degree helix to the left, before correcting course and spiraling into the final 360 degree downward helix, which provides just a touch of positive g force. You then snake through one last s-curve and through a shed before skidding into the brake run, having just ridden one heck of a fun coaster.20160903_151047 (Medium)

Now Quicksilver Express is by no means a high-thrill roller coaster. It is designed to entertain families visiting the park and provide just enough intensity for guests of all ages to have a good time, and that’s exactly what it does. It starts out a little slow, but after the second drop it really picks up into a fun family ride. The off-axis banking throughout provides some strange and unique lateral force, and there are actually some decent pops of airtime sprinkled throughout. The way it so elegantly hugs the terrain only adds to the experience, and of course, this being Gilroy Gardens after all, the landscaping is an attraction all on its own, and really makes Quicksilver Express a beautiful and scenic adventure. We very much enjoyed riding this coaster, and we think you will too. So get out to Gilroy Gardens and check it out!

img_0401-1That’s all for this review, thank you as always for reading. Make sure to check out our recent trip report from Gilroy Gardens here, and our recent Six Flags Discovery Kingdom update here! We sure love Quicksilver Express, but what about you? Have you ridden it, what do you think? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. I visited Gilroy (then “Bonfante”) Gardens in 2004 and had a chance to ride Quicksilver Express a couple of times during my visit. Thank you for covering this very underrated coaster. It’s every bit as good as you’d find at a much bigger chain park. But being tucked away in the wilderness outside of Gilroy keeps it relatively unknown. It is indeed a fun ride and it’s well themed, too.

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