Pony Express Closed Through July 24th

DSCN2825 (Large)Pony Express at Knott’s Berry Farm closed mid-season for an unexpected reason. After its annual refurbishment in March of this year, when the trains and launch were maintained, the ride operated with just one train. Now both trains have returned but the ride won’t open ’til after the peak summer crowds, July 24th. Let’s look into what’s going on! 

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It seems like yesterday that Pony Express reopened, but with one train. Now during our visit to the park, after some busy weeks spent at other (out of state and in-state) parks, we were surprised to see two trains on the ride. We were also surprised that it wasn’t open. 20160707_140637 (Medium) 20160707_140619 (Medium) While riding the park’s train, which passes under and past Pony Express, it became clear what the issue was. A large amount of maintenance team members were busy on the launch track and surrounding mechanisms of the launch. They’re replacing the launch cable it seems. The cable they were working with looked relatively new. Now I’m unsure if that’s a new cable that has been placed in March, or if it is an entire new one that they’re adding currently. Perhaps it’s the flywheel or motor that is causing issues. Either way, it’s launch related. Just be aware that this issue calls for extensive refurbishment/replacement again, and the ride will not be operating ’til July 24th. 20160707_142233 (Medium) In other Knott’s Berry Farm news… the new Calico Park at the previous main stage in Calico Square is now completely finished. Featuring some facades, a little stage, benches, planters, shade structures and a light package! 20160707_141017 (Medium) And last but not least, more thematic elements have been added to the previous Panning for Gold area, this seems to be a collection of old-school firemen equipment.20160707_140928 (Medium)

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