Patriot Update October 1st

img_0655Vortex at California’s Great America closed last month to undergo the conversion into the Floorless coaster: Patriot! The transformation includes of course Floorless trains and a fresh coat of paint. So much work has been done, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a month. Please enjoy the following update on Patriot.

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As mentioned, it’s really incredible how much has already been done. From this wide shot, you would hardly know that it isn’t open yet!img_0650

In addition, Patriot’s brand new Floorless trains and drop-floors (for the station) are on site. A small section in the ride area, and the rest are in a storage area in the back of the park. The seats on this trains will actually be slightly more elevated than your average Floorless coaster to compensate for the heartline banking that was originally intended for riders that were standing up. dsc_0625

Of course considering the nature of this paint job, the construction site is littered with various pieces of construction equipment such as cherry pickers.dsc_0626

The fresh coat of paint really makes this ride pop. The patriotic pairing of white and blue was an excellent choice. The signature element, the turn threading the vertical loop, is especially stunning.dsc_0628

Patriot’s corkscrew looks beautiful also.dsc_0642img_0655

The fresh paint makes a world of difference, making this 25 year old ride look brand new. And since this park doesn’t currently have any other (significant) roller coasters with a blue color scheme, it’s a welcomed color to see around the park. (We did though like the Vortex color scheme as well).  img_0653img_0649

The paint is so fresh in fact, that many of the connectors between the supports and track  have been covered to protect the fresh paint that has been recently applied.dsc_0643

This is much more evident towards the end of the ride where the most recent work has been done.dsc_0635dsc_0636

Also in that area, a large section of track between the corkscrew and the last turn around has been entirely covered by a tarp to protect it from natural conditions and ensure it dries properly.img_0657

Although the ride looks entirely painted, there are still touches here and there that have yet to be applied. Certain sections of the track for example only have primer on them, and the final coat of paint has yet to be applied.dsc_0622dsc_0624

In addition, many of the lift hill supports still need to be painted.dsc_0638

Most glaringly, the brake run and pre-lift have not been painted at all.dsc_0639

The station area is currently undergoing work however. The floor dropping mechanism will be installed in the near future to accommodate the Floorless trains. The park has also stated that the station will be receiving an overhaul, hopefully that means a roof. dsc_0640

This ride is looking a whole lot more like Patriot than Vortex now. Goodbye Vortex, hello Patriot.dsc_0623

sps-nf2016-banner001-largeThat’s about all for this update, thanks as always for reading. Make sure to vote in our most recent Super Poll on the best 2016 attraction here, and check out our maze reviews from Halloween Haunt here. Make sure to leave a comment letting us know your thoughts on Patriot!

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2 Replies to “Patriot Update October 1st”

  1. I hope other parks follow. This coaster and Rougourou being made Floorless has taken good coasters with simple bad, uncomfortable seating and made them nice. Standup was an idea that should’ve died a long time ago, it is never comfortable or enjoyable, and the Togo ones were even worse. Next on the list should be Riddler’s Revenge, and Iron Wolf/Apocalypse at Six Flags Parks. I’d also say Green Lantern, but, unfortunately, there is already a floorless in the park, so that one would be best to get sit down seats like Incredible Hulk has.

    1. Togo’s King Cobra at Kings Island was an intense experience, but far more comfortable than its cousin, Shockwave, at Kings Dominion.
      Never cared for the rivalry designs of B&M, though their layouts and configurations are impressive.

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