Montu and SheiKra Reopened! Busch Gardens Tampa Trip Report

After some lengthy off season maintenance for two of Central Florida’s most beloved coasters, SheiKra and Montu are back online and looking good as new! We also enjoyed some quality time with some of the park’s other coaster favorites!

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We started our day off with a couple rides on Montu, one of our favorite Inverted coasters. The coaster is looking sharp in its fresh coat of paint, its yellow supports now a noticeably warmer shade.

Cobra’s Curse is a must-ride when the line is short. We love this clever and unique Mack spinner.

We used our daily QuickQueue for a front seat ride on Cheetah Hunt. We hadn’t ridden it since before it closed for its repaint, and it was great to ride it again.

Kumba remains our favorite at Busch Gardens Tampa even though Iron Gwazi has really won us over.

We don’t often ride Tigris but we do appreciate its presence in the park. It’s a great complement to SheiKra.

Speaking of which, SheiKra got some major TLC in the form of some track replacement around the splashdown area of the ride. The segment immediately after the splash had become rusty and rough, so the track replacement is a welcome improvement.

We finished our loop around the park with some Iron Gwazi appreciation, which we look forward to riding again on our next visit. Be sure to check out the vlog from our visit below!

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