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dsc_0498-largeI went back to Knott’s Berry Farm with my new partner in crime and photographer last week to enjoy the park and its seasonal charm without the rain. It’s always great being at the park and being able to marathon Xcelerator for example. Thus today you’ll find a special article dedicated to both off-season and cool-air Knott’s fun, as well as more Merry Farm!

We’re back at the Merriest Farm of them all! This time in a Southern Californian climate. dsc_0484-large

BOOMERANG! – Okay, first things first… let’s talk about the Boardwalk expansion of 2017! The Wipeout flatride has been taken out and so has the barbecue restaurant. dsc_0507-large

A brand new restaurant named “Boardwalk Barbecue” will be constructed here soon. This new fast-casual dining location will offer various BBQ favorites including smoked pork ribs, tri-tip and rotisserie chicken along with a selection of sandwiches and side dishes. Boardwalk Barbecue will also be featuring a selection of local and well known craft beers. The restaurant will include a new covered seating area with a stage for live entertainment.dsc_0509-large

The Sky Cabin, a personal favorite attraction of mine, remains open during construction. dsc_0508-large

Which meant we rode it, of course. And just as we rode the dirty-glass Sky Cabin… that beast of an Xcelerator passed by in the sky. dsc_0511-large

We had to ride Boomerang. Not only do we both appreciate these rides, but the color scheme on this particular installment is just incredible. Let’s hope it receives the rumored MK1212 trains in the near future! dsc_0518-large

Across the midway/boardwalk is Knott’s Berry Farm’s newest coaster (yes, I agree, the park needs another new coaster), Coast Rider! dsc_0520-large

Coast Rider was a perfect addition to the park’s line-up, and it brought the whole Boardwalk back to life in 2013. It’s one of the best themed sections in the chain and is as colorful as it gets. All we’re missing now is two flatrides as both Riptide and Wipeout have been removed in the past year. dsc_0522-large

Not to worry though, neither were as cool as the Surfside Gliders. dsc_0524-large

Instead of Riptide this holiday season, we get awesome Boardwalk theming and good landscaping. Fair trade! dsc_0525-large dsc_0526-large

Another new attraction at the park is located on the Boardwalk: Voyage to the Iron Reef! Sadly some of the projectors weren’t lined up well, creating a headache-filled experience. Nonetheless, it was neat to walk right on without any lines. dsc_0527-large

The day prior to our visit Knott’s Berry Farm placed all their California Missions models. Scaled models of the original California Missions boarder the same midway between Silver Bullet and the south entrance of Fiesta Village, as it did previously for many years. 20161201_124147-large

Twenty-year veteran of Knott’s Berry Farm’s woodshop and current Knott’s craftsman, Bob Weir, has been meticulously restoring the missions for over three years, for a new generation of guests to appreciate.20161201_124308-large dsc_0487-large

Also in Fiesta Village is… the foundation of the world’s largest Top Scan ride! 20161201_124352-large

Sol Spin will open in Spring of 2017 and is a custom designed Mondial attraction. Mondial is the same company that manufactured WindSeeker that was located in the same spot, and Sol Spin is designed to fit on the huge WindSeeker footer seen above. sol-spin-new-knotts-berry-farm-thrill-ride-with-logo-large

LOOK! It’s the adorable freshly-repainted Jaguar! I have slight hopes that Montezooma’s Revenge will someday soon be repainted yellow again. dsc_0489-large

Speaking of rides in Fiesta Village… There’s good food in Fiesta Village as well! Everyone should get themeselves to Papa Loca and get their Garlic Fries. Knott’s food is usually amazing, and this is definitely no exception! dsc_0491-large

Arguably the park’s best two rides in one banner. #BannerGoalsdsc_0501-large

Speaking of the best two rides in the park, Timber Mountain Log Ride is the one ride that gets me incredibly excited, and has the coolest line in the park. I can’t be the only one that loves the waterfalls in the line!dsc_0498-large

The other best ride is… XCELERATOR! dsc_0503-large

We rode Xcelerator a few times without getting off. Another perk of the off season. And look how nice the weather was, I forgot you’re able to see Downtown LA from the Top Hat!dsc_0492-large

If you’re an avid reader then you know how often I ride Supreme Scream, and I have no shame in admitting I ride it 99% of the visits to the park. 😀dsc_0493-large

Silver Bullet was sadly closed during our visit due to scheduled maintenance. But I’m writing this a few days later and it has reopened again, so go out and ride the state’s largest Inverted Coaster! 😀 dsc_0485-large

Another ride I love to ride in the off-season is the underrated Sierra Sidewinder! dsc_0486-large

The only real wait we had to endure was for GhostRider that, like most rides, ran one train, but is too popular for that. Of course this newly refurbished woodie was well worth the wait. So if you have yet to experience the new GhostRider it’s time to do so!dsc_0482-large

Another highlight of this trip was… THE GALLOPING GOOSE! I had yet to ride this small exclusive train, as it usually only runs on very slow days. It was quite amazing to finally get on it. dsc_0529-large

Let’s go back to the infamous Ghost Town. Even during the day the decorated streets of Ghost Town and the Christmas Crafts Village look amazing. dsc_0528-large

Though when the sun goes down it gets even better! dsc_0530-large

Every evening during Knott’s Merry Farm there’s a ‘Snow and Glow’ show in the streets of Ghost Town with a light show and faux snow. Check it out!dsc_0531-large

There’s also a tree lighting ceremony each day, regardless of crowds, at the Calico Park in front of the train station! And thus finish this report with this wonderful tree! Happy Holidays! 😀 dsc_0533-large

santas-cabin001-largeThanks for checking out this Knott’s Berry Farm report! Make sure to check out our Knott’s Merry Farm report, which discusses all that Knott’s Merry Farm has to offer! Also check out our Six Flags Magic Mountain Holiday in the Park report as well as our California’s Great America Winterfest coverage!

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