Knott’s Berry Farm Update – August 29, 2018

Alexander: Summer is almost over, but we still managed to squeeze in a late summer Knott’s visit ahead of this year’s Knott’s Scary Farm preparations!

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It’s back-to-school week for most of Southern California, so crowds were very light at the Orange County parks. 

Ghostrider was running only 1 train on our visit; even on quiet days, this ride is too long for one-traip ops!

The TGI Fridays is looking fresh after a completed remodel.

Cinnabon has closed and is replaced with Knott’s Bakery Express!

In a park full of inconsistent rides, Silver Bullet remains Knott’s unshakable operational juggernaut. 

Today the closed coaster is Sierra Sidewinder.

Work is being done at the top of the lift.

Camp Snoopy may not be the largest kiddie area in the Cedar Fair chain, but I think it’s certainly the prettiest.

Now if only Timberline Twister didn’t have that restrictive height cap.

Montezooma’s Revenge was up and down periodically on our visit. It broke down just as we entered the station to ride, and then again right before we left for the day.

Papa Loca is the most important attraction at Knott’s. As long as it’s open, I’m happy!

Shockingly, Xcelerator was open on our visit; we enjoyed a couple rides as well as views of Knott’s Scary Farm prep from the queue!

Still one of the best launch coasters in North America! That takeoff gets me every time. 

The vehicles for Supreme Scream got new banners this week! A pleasant surprise for sure!

Since my last visit, Wipeout has made its triumphant return. 

It has a great location at the foot of HangTime‘s signature move.

HangTime ran GREAT for us on this visit. It’s definitely faster and more forceful than it was on media day. 

Nice little details continue to manifest around the ride. The sign has no posted wait time because it’s a walk-on!

These were my first daytime rides on HangTime; I’m so pleased with the ride visuals at any time of day!

Just one person in front row!

Knott’s was still nice enough to run 2 trains despite the obvious lack of crowds. If only they could do the same for Ghostrider!

The pizza place next to the bumper cars finally received a name! Definitely part of the Boardwalk, if anyone was wondering. 

Wow, Pony is open today!

Bigfood Rapids! Exciting rumors about your future are afoot! A major re-theme with effects and animatronics, may-haps???

RIP. Still waiting for our beloved Boomerang to turn up somewhere!

The longest line of our visit was Timber Mountain, of course. No one can resist one of the world’s best log flumes!

Calico Mine has two trains today!

This one is honestly growing on me! Can’t wait to ride it again!


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  1. What sense does it make to give away perfectly good cars for a dismantled roller coaster that might get rebuilt somewhere else? I last rode Boomerang a year before it was closed and I didn’t get the impression that it needed new cars.

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