Knott’s Berry Farm and HangTime Update – November 16th 2017

Sean: It’s time for more HangTime! Let’s take a look at some quick things at the Farm before looking at the tremendous progress made on HangTime construction! The lift-hill support structure has been completed and a lot of track is currently being added!

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Let’s start off with some quick Knott’s Berry Farm notes, such as the fact that Sol Spin remains closed. 

Hopefully we’ll see the park’s new-for-2017 attraction up sometime this Merry Farm season!

One of Silver Bullet’s now three-trains is currently getting dismantled for refurbishment. The great news is that Knott’s will now always be able to run two trains on the B&M Invert. 

The park is getting ready for Knott’s Merry Farm. Tomorrow night is passholder preview night, Saturday night is opening night, and Sunday night CCK will be there to check out all the awesomeness!

To our surprise GhostRider reopened early from its refurbishment! The ride will be open throughout all of Merry Farm! <3


Now what do we spot a 150 feet up in the sky? IT’S THE HANGTIME LIFT-HILL STRUCTURE!

The lift-hill structure looks a lot more complex now than it did when we visited last week. It’s going to be amazing how big of a ride they managed to squeeze into this plot once construction concludes. 

The base of the lift-hill is still the only lift-hill track in place, but in the background we spot something much more fascinating. 

Before we get to that, let’s appreciate the sheer amount of supports that have gone up around the ride and the station area. 

It looks like the catwalk supports have also been added to the top of the lift-hill structure and we find the bottom of the drop to have been placed already!

In addition we noticed the lift motor being installed along with drive tires and magnetic brakes. 

The structure is massive when standing right below it, and if it weren’t for Xcelerator, it would be the park’s tallest coaster. 

For those who wondered how much the ride will dig into the midway. Quite a bit. The lift-hill will be wrapped by track on the midway side, and the footers really show how close to the midway the second half of the ride will be. 

THAT DROP! Already very excited!

Note the sharp edge after the short period of being dangled over the edge. 

There’s more track about to go up, which will lead into the first big element of the ride. Also note the supports that are 5 feet lower than the rest. This is where the Cobra Roll will be located.

The bottom of the drop is beautiful and we’re in love with the color scheme!

We’re expecting the piece of track to go up sometime tonight or tomorrow, we’ll have more progress pictures for you soon!

Let’s wrap up this HangTime construction update with a few more pictures of the currently placed drop track. It looks spectacular!

Surprise! Did you see that piece of track on the ground? Looks like that is the track for the holding brake/top of the lift-hill structure.

Thank you for checking out this new HangTime/Knott’s Berry Farm Update! Thanks to Brian with assisting with the pictures! We’ll be back in the near future with plenty more HangTime, as well as Knott’s Merry Farm coverage this weekend! For now check out our new Six Flags St. Louis Trip Report!

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