Iron Gwazi Update – Mid October 2019

Alexander: Our first park visit following our China excursion was a quick stop at Busch Gardens Tampa for, among other things, some fresh photos of Iron Gwazi!  Let’s take a look:

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Progress is immediately noticeable upon entering the park. The ride cannot be overlooked!

Zagora Cafe now sports a lavish backdrop of purple RMC track.

Iron Gwazi‘s station is already taking shape!

Landscaping and queue structures are looking good!

“Opening 2020” = hopefully spring??

The ride is positively elegant. The maneuvers flow like water.

The grand, sweeping elements of Iron Gwazi exude pure drama.

Screams from this move in particular should squash any remaining hope of Busch Gardens’ entrance plaza staying serine.

We’re excited to see the change in traffic patters for the park. Iron Gwazi will breath new life into this quiet area.

For now, the loudest thing here is the color palette of these macaws.

On our way to ride SheiKra (we were eager to compare it closely with its Chinese counterparts) we admired more great views of Iron Gwazi.

That’s it for now! Before we know it, this purple abomination will be complete!

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