Universal’s Islands of Adventure & VelociCoaster Update – Early November 2020

More exciting stuff is how nicely the first half of the ride is shaping up to look. Amazing rockwork is met with increasingly lush foliage. Every day I step foot in this park, a few trees and plants have been added.

With yellow-ish walls and plenty of trees, the coaster is as much Jurassic Park as it is Jurassic World, which was always my biggest concern anyways.

More new vegetation!

It’s hard to capture some of the new plants in pictures, but imagine that this was a pretty bare construction zone just a few weeks ago:

The park has also installed thematic light fixtures on the velociraptor enclosure. The lights are white, but currently wrapped in blue tape to preserve them while they aren’t being used yet. The blue looks equally as appropriate of course.

Construction continues below the bridge to strengthen the foundations, or at least that’s what it seems like they’re doing.

This may very well be my favorite angle of the coaster, so I’ll always throw in some shots. I am happy that they’re planting so many trees to help with the separation between Hogsmeade and Jurassic Park, as this has always been a very weird transition between the two major themed lands.

We’ll now take a look at VelociCoaster construction from the air with a few shots of the amazing @Bioreconstruct on Twitter! They have the best aerial shots of the construction, so make sure to follow them!

This image below further displays the little pier/viewing platform that may very well house a statue or themed piece of some kind:

The entrance to the ride will be located between the top hat and the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, the exit (presumably) will be located between the top hat and IOA’s lagoon:

Looks like there is a lot more room for trees and queue!

I have incredibly high expectations of this project as they did a great job with Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. In addition, this project is to rival Disney’s major new coasters: TRON: Lightcycle / Run and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

If you wanted a better idea of the scope of the project, it’s one of Intamin’s largest projects and it easily takes up half of the Jurassic Park infrastructure.

This shot will give you a great look at some of the physical velociraptors around the ride!

To wrap it up, here are a few more shots we got today of the impressive coaster:

I seriously CAN NOT WAIT for this stall:

The coaster is still months away from even potentially soft opening, but it’s really looking amazing already. I think it will be the park’s best coaster, if not ride.

We’ll see you again soon VelociCoaster <3

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  1. Since they’re using trees to divide the two areas, I wonder if you’ll only be able to see palm trees from the Jurassic side, and only other tree types from the Hogsmeade side?

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