Universal’s Islands of Adventure & VelociCoaster Update – November 10, 2020

We’ll start this second half of the report with a quick look at that gorgeous 155 ft. tall Top Hat!

I want you to think back to when the ride first was constructed, and what a difference we’re already seeing now. It is a very clean looking coaster.

One of the more active construction spots visible from around the park is the entrance to the back side of the Discovery Center, which is where overflow queue, viewing areas, photo spots, etc will be.

Entering the plaza below the ride’s phenomenal stall will be something else.

@bioreconstruct on Twitter, who has some of the best theme park construction shots around, pointed out that the palm trees previously found at the Jurassic Park Discovery Center have been stored outside of the parks since January of 2019 (planted) and are one-by-one being brought back to serve as VelociCoaster foliage:

You may recognize some of the tall palm trees surrounding Jurassic World: VelociCoaster to be the same:

Every update I throw in some hype-pictures because the ride is just a coaster-nerd’s fantasy.

Testing videos out there, taken at night, show the coaster just hauling through this layout relentlessly.

Based on our experience with new Intamin launchers like this in Europe and China, this has the potential to be Florida’s best coaster.

I’ll throw in some more construction shots! Imagine navigating this stall at near 70 mph!

As of right now the coaster is scheduled to open in the Summer of 2021, which could be as early as late May. Given they’re already testing, hopefully we’ll see a soft open in the Spring!

It’s already Universal’s Islands of Adventure’s icon for me, and the ride hasn’t even opened yet!

We’ll see you again next week for another Jurassic World: VelociCoaster update!

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2 Replies to “Universal’s Islands of Adventure & VelociCoaster Update – November 10, 2020”

  1. It amazes me that Universal can get this ride built and almost ready to open in such a short time. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t this ride start being worked on AFTER Tron? I know Disney is known for being slower with things and they have to build the enclosures for Tron and Guardians but man, this is quick.

    1. It certainly helps that VelociCoaster doesn’t have a giant showbuilding that holds most of the coaster within. However, during the pandemic park closures, Universal really took the chance to construct most of the coaster as there were no guests using the midways surrounding the coaster. They definitely took the opportunity!

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