Horrorland Preview 2021

The pandemic has been a blow for everyone. Horrorland, Spain’s main scream park, was ready to open but had to cancel their 2020 edition a week before opening due to then-new restrictions. Now they raised like a phoenix, and the team is back for another year of screams and scares!

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This year, Horrorland starts off with a blank slate: the event is held in a new location, a water park close to the city of Barcelona, where the team will create 6 new haunted houses from scratch. While not all of them are revealed yet, let’s take a look at some of the themes:

  • McAbro: the spiritual successor of Matadero, but this time killer clowns at a fast food restaurant! You’ll have the option to “interact with the actors” on individual scenes.
  • Dia de Muertos: a Mexican themed maze, from catrinas to lucha libre wrestlers
  • Urbex Z: a zombie shooting experience through the city depths
  • Cannibal Expedition: an outdoors haunted house where we’ll visit a cannibal jungle

We also took an exclusive look at the inside of a haunted house, where some monsters were waiting for us. Truly terrifying!

Inside a haunted hause at Horrorland

As usual, street shows will be scattered through the park, with a parade and a firework display to end the day. They will use this kids water playground as the main stage! How cool is that?

Archive photo, 2018

The extreme house won’t be available this year for obvious reasons. A new experience though will be the “Scare Booth” a photo booth that isn’t as innocent as it seems…


One of the main reasons the park is successful is their staff. Passionate people are required for these jobs and choosing the right crew is fundamental. The directors background as actors and horror enthusiasts play an important role on how the scares are achieved and they emphasize on serving high quality acting to their experiences. Thanks to the team at Horrorland, this week we’ve been invited to check their auditions for the scare actors!

This was the final phase of a and they worked with groups, while receiving training and feedback from the park staff. The chosen scare actors will receive in-house training on their specific roles! A total of 170 people will work at the park during the 11 days of operation.
Take a look at the next video to have a small glimpse of the audition day!

Thanks to Horrorland for having us, we can’t wait to visit the park again after these two years! The park will open for 4 weekends, starting October 15th. Stay tuned for the upcoming review!

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