Halloween Horror Nights 2017

Chad: This year brought some interesting mazes. 

I had the unbelievable experience of trying out the RIP Experience. And it was worth it. The price is a very steep one, but with a MASSIVE buffet, two free beers (if you are over 21 years of age), unlimited front of the line for everything in the park and free valet, it was not too bad.

I started off with my meal, having a GIGANTIC plate of delicious foods, with hilarious names. The best name I saw was Fried Maggots, for rice.

We arrived at the park late, so we only had 20 minutes to stuff our face and head out.

We first headed to Blumhouse.

This maze just blew me away! 3 movies in one maze??? How was this possible??

I loved the creativity of this maze. It was very intriguing and I believe it was the longest maze, besides the tram maze. You first enter The Purge, with people yelling at you about how messed up this world has made them and will make you go crazy too. You are then brought into a new movie which is not released yet, Happy Death Day. I was very confused with the people dressed with baby masks, but they jump out at you in every corner. The last section having mannequins and real people dressed in baby masks with electronic music. It was quite funny. You then are put into the world of Sinister, where you have to lead through dark maze with people screaming at you for help.

Overall, this maze was very good! I liked it a lot.

Length: 10 Scare rating: 6 Experience rating: 8

We then headed to the Walking Dead Maze, which sadly, did not have any extra actors in the maze. TWD maze is really a disappointing maze in my view. You can check out TWD review in one of our old posts 😊

Next was Titans of Terror which was another decent maze. You are going through the maze trying to dodge yourself from Freddy Jason and Leather Face! You never know what corner they will pop out of…

Freddy pops out at you everywhere, reminding you to watch where you are going or you will get killed. Leather face shows you how he skins off your face to use it for other purposes and Jason jumps out at you to get you out of his way. 

Length: 7 Scare rating: 6 Experience rating: 7

Next up was Terror Tram. The intro video and video played at the end of the tram was super funny and had an even funnier product placement for the new Chucky movie.

The beginning of the maze started with a lot of chuckies and chainsaws. A dialogue played, but could barely be heard, as people were screaming before the chainsaws even started. After getting chased by them, you are lead to jason’s area, where camp advisors are opening and closing doors, trying to get campers out and other campers being slowly killed in front of you. You then are led to the plane area, where it was boring and not scary, as it is every year. Though the tram is ALWAYS disappointing, it was at least a little better than last years.

Length: 8 Scare rating: 2 Experience rating: 4

The next mazes were all on the Lower Lot of the park.

First up, The Shining.

HOLY CRAP! I loved this maze so much. You are walking through the entire movie in the maze hearing Redrum over and over and seeing the stories written in the movie appear on the wall about Jack being a dull boy. The theming and jump scares were phenomenal and had the most notable part of the movie in the maze. HERES JOHNNY! Amazing maze! I did this one 3 or 4 times, I loved it.

Length: 9 Scare rating: 8 Experience rating: 8

We went down towards the three mazes located in the sets and passed through the toxic waste scare zone and it was phenomenal. The mix of electronic music and flashing lights makes you feel pumped for the mazes you are about to go into.

First maze there was Ash vs Evil Dead. Nobody knew what that show was, neither did I, so we had no clue what was going on in the maze. It was just very confusing to go through, but it was this years “comical” maze. I do not know how to explain this maze, as it was kind of random, but it was a decent maze with a few good scares.

Length: 6 Scare rating: 5 Experience rating: 6

Saw was up next. I LOVED Saw! It was definitely one of my top 3 mazes this year. You first walk into a room where you are asked if you want to play a game. You go around seeing people suffering the “games” that are played. One neat feature of the maze was saws popping out of the wall at you. They were rubber, so if it touched you, it wouldn’t hurt. Me being the curious person I am, I stood in front of it till it popped out at me, just to see what it was made of. Overall, this maze was well put together and very enjoyable.

Length: 9 Scare rating: 7 Experience rating: 8

American Horror Story was next. I still have not watched this show, but the maze was decent. The maze was filled with interesting jump scares that come out of places you would not expect. The theming is amazing, as all mazes usually are, and tells the story very well, according to my RIP tour guide.

Length: 7 Scare rating: 6 Experience rating: 6

We went back out to finish off with Insidious. ONE OF THE SCARIEST MAZES EVER. There is so many jump scares literally EVERYWHERE. The maze is almost completely dark. You have to find your way through the maze getting scared left and right and they did a good job. Mazes RARELY ever scare me, and I can not lie, it got me a couple of times!! I did this one as much as I could. This was my number one maze of the night

Length: 10 Scare rating: 10 Experience rating: 10 You can tell I really loved this one.

HHN was great this year, and I was incredibly lucky to have the RIP tour. Next up: Sean’s Knott’s Scary Farm Maze Ratings and Reviews. Find the Six Flags Magic Mountain 2017 Fright Fest Maze Ratings and Reviews here! 

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