Farup Sommerland Season Start 2023 & stay at Blokhus Strand

It’s already been a year since our team headed to Farup Sommerland to rise with Fonix. Last year we flew on the wings of the firebird. We were completely in awe with this coaster and its beautiful landscaping. If you’d like to read more about the premiere of Fonix, please click here to be taken to our previous article all about it.

A year later our team member James headed back to North Jutland to experience the park again and stay in the local area. Today I will tell you all about the trip, where I stayed and my day in Farup Sommerland. Let’s get started!

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Arrival at Farup Sommerland and stay at Blokhus

To get to Farup Sommerland from abroad you have a few different options depending where you’re coming from. If you’re planning a trip from far away, you might want to look into flying into the nearby airport of Aalborg. You can also look at Aarhus and Copenhagen airports. From here, look to get a train or drive from these locations. Obviously, if you live in Germany, Norway or Sweden, you might look to complete the entire journey on public transport. In this case, it’s recommended to get the train to Aalborg station and your journey will continue on the bus from there.

city of aalborg harbour, nearby to farup sommerland
City of Aalborg, nearby to Farup Sommerland

If you’re not a local, you’re going to want to find somewhere to stay. This time we stayed in the nearby coastal town ‘Blokhus’. With a car or a taxi this is less than 10 minutes away from the park and in the peak summer months busses run daily to and from the park to the town.

Town of Blokhus, 10 minutes from Farup Sommerland
Town of Blokhus, 10 minutes from Farup Sommerland

I checked into the apartment at Danland Blokhus. This apartment was equipped with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and living area. However, most impressively, we could enjoy views onto the dunes and sea from the balcony.

Danland Blokhus is a holiday park with many apartments and the location near to Farup Sommerland is ideal for a mini break. Highlights are of course being able to go to the seaside for an ice cream. Furthermore, Danland have lots of facilities including a swimming pool/water park section too.

First day of the season

Farup Sommerland celebrated their first day of the 2023 season on the 03. April. Of course, we were there. Let’s take a look at some highlights together and discuss what’s new for 2023.

Orkanen- Vekoma family suspended coaster

The first stop of the day was to the Vekoma family suspended coaster, Orkanen. This is one of my absolute favourite rides at Farup Sommerland. What’s particularly special about it is the setting. The rollercoaster looms over a beautiful lake surrounded by the forests of Farup Sommerland.

Orkanen rollercoaster farup sommerland

The rollercoaster even dives down under the water after the first drop, before racing into an overbanked turn which sends you head over heels. This is of course one of my favourite photo motives for this coaster.

Easter time at Farup

Easter is a special time at Farup Sommerland with the park adopting some extra easter decorations for the first week of the season. As you come in from the main park entrance you will see easter eggs dangling from the tree in the main square. Furthermore, the park organised an easter egg hunt for guests for the whole of the first week. In this easter egg hunt, guests could win lots of different prizes.

Water rides at Farup

Although it was a chilly start to the week, Farup had all of their water rides open! In Farup you will find a wide range of water rides. This includes a river rafting, log flume, pedal boats, canoes and more. There are lots of little lakes throughout Farup Sommerland and on (almost) all of them you will find a water attraction!

We love the little boats next to Fonix and the family boomerang Saven.

little boats next to Fonix and the family boomerang Saven.

Crazy Golf

Something new which we discovered for this year is the crazy golf course. This is located on an island in the middle of one of the lakes. This is included in the park entry and is great fun to challenge your friends or family!

Crazy golf farup sommerland

Fonix- Farup Sommerland’s most successful investment

Of course, I couldn’t enjoy a day at Farup Sommerland without having another ride on Fonix. This Vekoma new generation rollercoaster is really thrilling, graceful and packed full of airtime. The rollercoaster has beautiful landscaping through Farup’s woodlands and from the top of the lift hill you can even see the coastline!

A slower start to the season for Farup Sommerland

Compared to last year’s first extremely busy day of the season, this year’s started off a little slower. Crowds were very low and there weren’t many queues. The longest wait being 10 minutes or so for Fonix.

The day started off with some technical issues and a few rides closed, however it did improve throughout the day with more rides opening up later. Due to technical problems, the wooden coaster ‘Falken’ remained closed.

Wooden coaster 'Falken' behind Orkanen
Wooden coaster ‘Falken’ behind Orkanen

We wanted to try out the park’s main restaurant ‘Oasen’ and share this with you. However, unfortunately this outlet was closed along with a couple of others. This was presumably due to low crowds, however it would have been great to be able to share this with you guys!

New for 2023 at Farup

For 2023 Farup Sommerland are investing again and are currently in the process of adding a brand new double decker carousel. This will be located behind a vintage family cars attraction, which you can see in the photo to the right. This was originally planned for the start of the season but was slightly delayed on the manufacturer’s side.

vintage family cars attraction,

A Danish road-trip adventure!

Farup Sommerland is the perfect park to join onto a Scandinavian theme park tour. It’s really accessible and easy to travel to other parks including Legoland Billund, Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Djurs Sommerland and across to Sweden to Liseberg! We hope to be able to visit some more parks in the region later in the year and share all of the new attractions, changes and updates with you!

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