End of the Year Disneyland Resort Update!

VL48lCiU4ZgY21GuBdaR0rx7kaTN5_d6EVmEbuZ8f_xRSTUjpgYtizRJk75MTJ-yHXr6bw=s2048 (Large)As the year comes to a close we took our last Disney trip for the year. Here we saw our last viewings of Aladdin and of Big Thunder Ranch before they close. Here’s quick end of the year update.

First off the park was very packed with every attraction having extreme wait times. Even Astro Blasters was an hour long wait.n5kDUFRYt8BbphFS-N6IZLCR1Zs1rao02u633TmeyrQF64deYnUd8W54VATQyNCzqjQrbA=s2048 (Large)

With the Aladdin production finale sneaking up upon, we loved what might be one of our last viewings of the wonderful show. Our only wish was granted: that we even had a great “genie”. 🙂 An amazing run is coming to an end so if you have a chance, go catch one last show.uiDFxOKims8XxLxQ1ulunrOkFScQocCFoB-SWQAKoj-R5sIxovMMrk-LMLzCF0L_kgMgfQ=s2048 (Large)

With January 11, 2016 being the “magical” day only a week and half away, Big Thunder Ranch BBQ was filled with reservations throughout the day and pretty packed as its final days are upon us.LkAblqvciqElOxPCDtogtCcIHCXLwKxiaRpOyX0jZ-MIvLRjA-GF-j_d24gW0k7oFTps6w=s2048 (1) (Large) D1pSO2wljy9zto-Lc78RwJTmDgkrCNoSng6OrO50Eyg3T7560VUCXJFzVHQdxVsH0_E9Tw=s2048 (Large)aS3Zgs0_kSXTn81kUqHCkCGwjUrrhVa96bX_kCWdUYfZ2Tq-w4on0YBU4-PyvU8HIDNoXw=s2048 (Large)

Also on Jan 11, begins the massive temporary closures of staples such as the Disneyland Railroad, Fantasmic, Mark Twain Riverboat, and Sailing Ship Columbia to name a few.VL48lCiU4ZgY21GuBdaR0rx7kaTN5_d6EVmEbuZ8f_xRSTUjpgYtizRJk75MTJ-yHXr6bw=s2048 (Large)

With subtractions coming up in the Disney schedule, a small addition at DCA was the expansion of the Cove Bar which is rather nice and gives a little more attention to the restaurant itself.-UmV_M4YfHQLv6jFy0Pmjp7ll2OZ91BTogMaY9uAqYFI9lkrAdeneIAh-uIUw4KRxAiTuQ=s2048 (Large)

With the holiday season coming to a close we take one last look at the the decorations and the stage set up for the New Year’s celebration.TYpmUFo1L2DXqqFMAi0Mzi7hBrHc9wXqcPmk0r6Q_L9tcJPJqiUnNKP3oTPdIlJYN7oB7w=s2048 (Large) ICxerfd-iEqXe2dARlRDWxFoSTEv_LUN63HKsUAnLelZwtC8HCULm7pGaJOWTBf2l1Z36g=s2048 (Large) DRw7tAuHh3RBguG62AIIawzQcZXXiSRHNxNBL21IDDFD9gMroVVi7_yKCc-YP3TM41925Q=s2048 (Large)

Well that’s a wrap! Hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! Be sure to check in with us with more exclusive coverage of parks for 2016! And be sure to check out our new Knott’s Berry Farm and GhostRider Update! 


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