Christmas at Disneyland! – December 1st, 2019

Preston: It’s Christmas time! The holidays have returned to Disneyland, and we returned to the resort on the inaugural day of the season. Here’s a look at some of the Holiday cheer that has been spread around both parks.

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Before we jump into the Christmas magic, let’s look at some construction going on at the Toy Story Parking Lot. We *rarely* park at this lot but we opted to do so on this visit because of the security project.

See that canopy in the center of the above photo? That’s going to become a security checkpoint. Currently, if you park at Toy Story, you load onto a bus that takes you to the esplanade and you go through security there. Soon, you will be secured at the Toy Story Lot, before you even get onto the bus. This is a great move by Disney. It’s going to spread out security, which will make all the security lines shorter. A win-win!

The tree at the end of Main Street is up and lit! Whenever I enter Disneyland proper during the holidays, I instantly feel the Christmas spirit after seeing this 60-foot tall tree.

And at the hub, we have Sleeping Beauty Castle, looking stunning as always. Look at that winter glow!

We actually went to Toontown this visit, which is rare. They have some cute Christmas decorations in the land.

We rode Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, which is a very underrated dark ride in my opinion. It has great energy and is very good at storytelling.

We quickly went back to Main Street around 8:30 PM in order to get a good spot for the 9:30 PM showing of Believe…in Holiday Magic. This is my absolute favorite firework show at Disneyland. The feels that it gives are the best! I cry every time.

My favorite Christmastime Disneyland tradition: snoap!

Time to leave Disneyland for the other park. We have another show to see.

However, before we get to the show, a few quick things around California Adventure. While the Red Car Trolley is down for refurbishment for the construction of Avengers Campus, they installed a wireless charger for the trolleys. The three trolleys they have can now be charged straight from this location.

Grizzly Peak has some of the best Christmas decorations in the entire resort. The photos I took just do not do it justice, so please make a trip to DCA just to see them yourself.

The only place you can meet Santa in the entire Disneyland Resort is at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. 

Time for my favorite Christmas offering anywhere. World of Color – Season of Light is incredible.

I know a lot of people who do not like World of Color. They think it’s so corporate and way too heavy on the IP’s. I am on the side who thinks that World of Color is the perfect Disney show. And, to continue with that, Season of Light is (in my opinion) the best version of the show. Just take a look at these photos.

Season of Light is seriously the perfect ending to the night.

Thank you for reading through this Christmas-filled Disneyland Resort Update! We have Six Flags, Universal, and Knott’s Christmas coverage coming soon so be sure to stay tuned by following us on social media!






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