CraZanity and Cyclone Bay – Six Flags Magic Mountain Report – June 22nd 2018

Sean: While we were enjoying our time at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Six Flags Magic Mountain wasted no time getting started on the massive Cyclone Bay project. In addition, the park continues efforts of preparing CraZanity to open to the public. Join us for a quick Six Flags Magic Mountain update with CraZanity and Cyclone Bay construction!

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Let’s start with Cyclone Bay! Just a few days back we did a full photo tour of the run down area at Six Flags Magic Mountain in preparation of what was going to come soon, a complete remodel of the area. Here’s a quick reminder of the state that Cylone Bay is currently in, Cyclone 500 is far from the worst looking thing in the area. The surf theme probably won’t last much longer, but that’s fine. As seen in the update from a week and a half ago, it really needs an update. And then here it is! A giant construction wall that spans all along the right side of Cyclone Bay! Likely indicating a major overhaul, or even possible removal of the buildings on this side of Cyclone Bay. We really hope they reuse Los Cuates, as it is a nice food location in the area. And as of right now it looks like Los Cuates will be spared (the building at least). These buildings would make for great new shops or queue houses, let’s hope they get re-purposed! The entry way to the backstage area is the only part of Cyclone Bay that doesn’t have a wall blocking it, likely because even during construction they need to be able to access this part of the midway.In case you were wondering how far along this wall actually ran uninterrupted, here is your answer, it goes from the Thrill Shot plot all the way up to the exit of the area under Ninja’s first drop. To my surprise this game pavilion was actually open, I guess you need to have some sort of attraction open in the area, even if its a game!Let’s now move on to the Boardwalk! Six Flags Magic Mountain’s new-for-2018 area has received more signage,  including its official marquee Boardwalk sign!The highlight of the area will be CraZanity of course, which has started testing. The exhausted water dummies may have ridden a few too many times. The ride swings 172 feet tall, and having seen it test, it really is a massive attraction. For those who didn’t know, it’s the world’s tallest pendulum ride!Here’s some testing action for you! These initial tests were lower to the ground, but we can confirm that this ride swings way into the sky. The park is adding a lot of concrete midway, as expected. New fences surrounding the ride plot have also been placed recently. As of publishing date, the concrete has been poured, more in our new update soon!We are so in love with the color scheme on the ride, it is just perfect. The Boardwalk buildings, as well as CraZanity itself feature a nice beach set of colors. The new entrance to CraZanity is currently still under construction and will be located just next to Jammin’ Bumpers. The queue looks simplistic but is entirely shaded and features nice colors that compliment the area and ride very well. I hope they add a lot of landscaping here!Here’s a little closer look at the queue! Let’s finish this quick report with a CraZanity testing picture! Thanks to Edward from Ride! for the pictures, more to come very soon!

Thank you for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! We’ll be back with more Six Flags Magic Mountain in a few days. For now, check out our new California’s Great America report, as well as our Six Flags America report!Make sure to follow us on our social media for exclusive coverage! FacebookTwitterInstagram

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