China Dinosaurland – Crown Rating

Often referred to as the Jurassic Park of the East, China Dinosaurland is home to the Eastern world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils. The park is entirely dedicated to the theme of dinosaurs, and we mean in every single way possible. Let’s take a moment to rate this park!

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The Coaster Kings Crown Rating currently features five (5) categories. In each category a park can score one (1) thru five (5) possible crowns. The more crowns, the higher the score. The average amount of crowns awarded among the categories creates a final overall rating: the Crown Rating.

Getting to China Dinosaurland isn’t a challenge – one can simply take a bullet train from Shanghai to Changzhou, and if you’re in the region you’ll want to make a point of making it to this park. Not only will you need to visit for the weird-yet-consistent theme for the park, which is why we granted it a Crystal Crown Award for 2020, but also because it’s home to the last S&S 4D Coaster: Dinoconda.

Dinosaurland is home to three roller coasters. All are very different, but very good! One can find a Jinma Rides (Golden Horse) Super Rollercoaster, a spinning wild mouse with a lovely barrel roll. Perhaps the biggest surprise of our entire China tour is the park’s Dinosaur Mountain, an indoor Zamperla Motobike Coaster (themed to Pteranodons) with a traditional lift hill, spectacular scenery and a wild layout. And last but not least is the parks S&S 4D coaster, one of only three worldwide. Dinoconda is an absolute masterpiece and is worth a journey across the globe. Read more about how Dinoconda compares to Eejanaika and X2 in this article.

What’s their to do ride wise that isn’t a roller coaster? Plenty! From a highly-themed log flume to a unique elevator shoot-the-chute, if you’re looking for water rides, Dinosaurland has you covered. Looking for a jeep ride through a dinosaur exhibit? Check! A Disk-O themed to a dinosaur street party? Yep, got that too. Looking for a massive collection of flat rides, including but not limited to a HUSS King Kong, Zamperla Windshear or S&S drop tower? Of course Dinosaurland has it. Again scoring 5 crowns!

There’s even more to do! The park has great photo ops, an included water park, outlet shopping, art installations, and the eastern world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils inside a museum. Even if you’re not into rides, this is a great destination.

There aren’t a ton of perfect food parks in Asia but a couple that still have a solid selection of food and beverages. We mostly snacked for our day here, but all snacks were good and there were plenty of trendy and themed food locations with custom food items. This park’s never-ending dinosaur obsession made for cute presentation.

Overall atmosphere for this park hits different. As mentioned, the many different themes that somehow all heavily relate to dinosaurs is a really fun environment to be in. Park patrons are all very into the park and its various themed areas. The one downside were operations. Not that slow operations would be that big of a surprise when visiting a Chinese theme park, the operations on some rides was so tragically slow that despite loving every bit of the park, we had to skip some interesting attractions in favor of re-riding others. When it came to maintenance, cleanliness and upkeep, it’s up there with some of China’s best theme parks.

The park’s overall rating came out to a 4.5! For a major Chinese park that is not owned or operated by one of the big theme park players, this destination truly is special. Not just because of its global significance as the Jurassic Park of the East, but also as a polished, clean, and highly-uniquely themed park. With its decently easy accessibility for tourists visiting the Chinese East Coast, it should be on your China itinerary.

Thank you for checking out this park rating! Come back next week for another park, another rating!

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