California’s Great America Update – June 13, 2018

Beserker is one of the last two Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurves in the Western Hemisphere (the other is at Kennywood), and while the latter pays homage to its German Funfair heritage, Great America’s aesthetic is that of the great 1970s regional park boom. Both are priceless and I love them. For me, appreciating Railblazer is easy, but loving it is hard. The payoff is great, but price is steep and the window for dissatisfaction is wide. It’s basically the roller coaster equivalent of an avocado. Meanwhile, Demon is basically perfect. It wasn’t running great for us last year, but this year it’s just a little dream machine. If Railblazer is Avocado, Demon is a Kinder Egg. Like, how long was Firefall even here? I saw it, like, ONE time. For all I know, it could have been here for one week in 2014 and then bailed.Hiya, Pat.I hear Rougarou is trash. I guess we got lucky with Patriot. I got lucky with Sean <3(lmao I’m sorry. I won’t do that again)Fun Fact: Every lift hill at Great America faces northwest except for Woodstock Express (northeast) and Psycho Mouse (south).We rode the Sky Ride a lot on this visit. Both Great America and Attractiepark Slagharen feature 3+ Schwarzkopf flat rides (and used to each feature a Schwarzkopf looping coaster).CGA happens to have TWO wooden coasters that are arguably the best coasters built by their respective companies (note: Grizzly was technically the only coaster built by “Kings Island Construction”, but still).*sigh*There is so much potential here.Maybe T-Rex coasters will be more comfortable. After spending almost all day closed, Flight Deck finally decided to show up for work.Flight Deck is still one of the best inverts in the country. It has the fewest total inversions of any B&M Invert, but I honestly consider that more of a strength, if anything. My Top 2 inverts (Black Mamba, Nemesis) also feature a relatively low inversion count, with only 4 apiece. Amazing that all of this scenery is still here. Dispatches are terrible and the seatbelts have NO BUSINESS being so short, but a superb ride nonetheless. Railblazer goodies!You’re right, Great America. I totally had “THE BEST DAY!”That’s a wrap!

Coming soon! A Railblazer Media Day Report and a detailed review of the ride (by someone who actually likes it). <3

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3 Replies to “California’s Great America Update – June 13, 2018”

  1. I haven’t ridden a lot of inverted coasters, but I agree with your feelings about Flight Deck. A fairly short ride and thankfully only three s-p-r-e-a-d o-u-t inversions.

    Kudos-and-a-half to this park for keeping its Von Roll skyride going.

    A two-part update here is rare, but much appreciated because it means more CHK goodness for us! You guys keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the update. I’m heading up to CGA later this summer and am worried about how short the seat belts are on Flight Deck compared to other B&Ms. I can fit on Magic Mountain Batman but those seatbelts are definitely shorter then the ones on every other B&M invert that I have been on. I’m worried the one on Flight Deck will be even shorter. I’m 6’4 and am worried my shoulders will get in the way of the seatbelt fitting. That said, I was able to get stapled into Wicked Twister at Cedar Point which also has notoriously short belts.

    I really love B&M inverts and would be disappointed if I can’t ride one because of short belts that should have been extended by now.

  3. So it wasn’t just me that thought Flight Deck seatbelts were crazy short. But I still love it. I miss both Endeavor and Fall. As for Railblazer, well I guess it was designed with us short stocky folks in mind because I am head over heels about it. And yes, you are lucky with Sean.

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