Busch Gardens Tampa – Late Nov Update + Christmas Town 2019

Alexander: Let’s get festive! Busch Gardens Tampa is all decked out in holiday cheer for their Christmas Town even! Let’s take a look!

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We’re here! Marrakesh is looking fresh!

Iron Gwazi is coming along nicely!

As of Thanksgiving Eve, the right half of Gwazi‘s peak was installed.

As of Thanksgiving Day, the left half of the peak was installed!

The park is active as usual! Great operations! 4 train ops on SheiKra!

Even after all our adventures in China, SheiKra is still our favorite Dive Coaster!

Kumba is running great as always.

And dispatches are STRONG! Perfect for getting lots of shots from the Sky Ride!

There’s even two locomotives running today!

And LOTS of buckets on the Sky Ride!

Below us is what’s left of the old Rhino Rally attraction – but not for long!

Fun Fact: There’s a Cheetah Hunt clone under construction in China right now!

I would LOVE to ride Cheetah with those new Intamin lapbar trains, like on Pantheon.

Gotta have a Sean glamour shot!

Cheetah‘s pretty glamorous too.

The line was short, so we doubled up on our Sky Ride time!

2021 will bring a new attraction to this quiet corner of Nairobi – what will it be??

More Kumba. Because Kumba is bae.

Kumba got a touch of TLC recently!

The sign got a repaint and looks amazing!

Jungala is seeing some changes too! The cables from the defunct hang glider zip lines are finally gone.

Can’t wait to finally see an attraction here again!


How about some Montu appreciation?

Montu, we think, is the country’s best invert.

Okay, actually only I think that. Sean prefers Alpengeist.

It’s not exactly the easiest to photograph from the midway, but we manage.

And I just love the sound of it. I miss the loud B&Ms.

Alright, one more.

Fun Fact: Chinese Cheetah Hunt will retain the tree-themed super structure.

Alright! The sun is setting. Time for a nighttime light tour!

I can’t wait to see how everything lights up in total darkness.

First Stop: Christmas Town Village.

There’s some nice views of Iron Gwazi to enjoy!

This area of the park is only used for special events – it’s our first time seeing it!

Look! A beautiful scene.

And here’s another! If presents go under trees, what do trees go under? SheiKra, of course!

Sean approves.

This might the best views of SheiKra we’ve seen.

Christmas Town Village has several lovely scenes.

And look! Snow!

And some amazing costumed characters.

Even the flamingos are into it.

The giant Sesame Street Nutcrackers are a tad frightening.

But the lights around Sesame Street Safari look great!

Im so impressed with the number of wrapped trees here!

Lori Landing sports some lovely baubles.

The vine tunnel has bulbs full of fairy lights! This is one of my favorite decorations at the event.

They’re modern, but with a hint of nostalgia.

The trees over by SheiKra glow with red stars.

amazing the way the lights illuminate the rooster tail.

The rest of Stanleyville is wrapped in blue trees.

Except for Tigris, which sports this incredible tiger stripe job!

Seriosuly, this deserves some kind of award.

By the Sky Ride is a cool choreographed light tunnel.

The tunnel passes through an area that’s normally backstage, providing a shortcut between Stanleyville and Pantopia.

Love these inflated rainbow stars!

Dragon Fire theater, looking festive!

LOVE this! I’m a sucker for classic projection mapping.

Now we’ve made our way back around to Nairobi.

Here we can meet Santa!

And marvel at the impressive foliage.

Not pictured: the actual penguin exhibit b/c its too dark out.

But they do have penguin lights!

That concludes our loop!

Time to call it a night!

Now we see Marrakesh lit up!

Ooh! More projection mapping!

Be sure to check out Busch Gardens Tampa’s Christmas Town for yourself! There’s lots to see and do!

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