Walibi Holland adds two RMC Single Rail coasters

Breaking! Walibi Holland announces several future new attractions! Hold on tight because soon you will ride the world’s first Double RMC Single Rail coaster in this park in the Netherlands. But there’s more to come in line with their new strategy of offering both extreme and family thrills.

Walibi Holland revealed its new strategy for the coming years. This exciting park already has a sweet coaster line-up but it will become even better. Already this year we can experience a smaller new rollercoaster for families but soon they will add 2 new RMC coasters. Park Director Mascha Taminiau explains: “In the next few years, we’ll work hard to reach both our sustainability and growth goals.” The park wants to reach more than 1 million yearly guests and thus that required big investments. New attractions combined with a series of strong existing events will lead them towards that goal. Let’s have a look at what’s to come in the next few years!

2023: Speed Zone – Off Road

In the Speed Zone area near Goliath, a new Zamperla rollercoaster for families will open under the name “Eat My Dust”. Next to it, a Magic Bike attraction named “Wind Seekers” will entertain families. Also interactive play fountains, Cooldown, will add some playful refreshment during warm days. A new Food & Beverages point will let parents relax while the children can enjoy the rides.

2024: Festivalization of WAB Plaza

Walibi Holland introduced their unique theming style in different areas of the park for a few years now. Their festivalization concept can already be found at the entrance of the park, the Speed Zone, the Wilderness zone and most recently the Lost Zone. Next up on the schedule is the WAB Plaza to blend with the general theming approach.

​2025: Double RMC Raptor Coaster

With the success of Untamed, the RMC transformation of the former wooden coaster Robin Hood, the park chooses again for the company to construct their new thrilling rollercoasters. Europe’s first RMC Single Rail coaster will come to the park but not just one! The first rollercoaster will feature thrilling inversions while the other one will be more family friendly. A world’s first combination of these types!

2026 – 2029: An indoor area near a refurbished Walibi Village

As the park now opens during the winter under the name “Bright Nights”, they also seek to invest in an indoor area. Nearby the accommodations of Walibi Village, a new covered area will open with family friendly attractions. That same Walibi Village will be expanded and be improved to be future proof.

2030: CO2 Neutral

By 2025, the park wants to achieve a CO2 reduction of 50% compared to today. Then by 2023, they want to reduce it even further to become neutral. Sustainability is an important goal for the park and thus they want to strive to reduce the impact on the environment. A goal shared with the other parks in the Compagnie des Alpes group.

Exciting times for Walibi Holland fans and we cannot wait to discover all these novelties in the coming years!

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