Walibi Holland 2022

Do you ever go to parks and feel like themed areas all start to run together? I don’t mean within the park – I mean all of the different “fantasy forest” areas, all of the “Wild West” areas, all of theme park standards – jungles, castles, fortresses, pyramids, “slice of life” entrance plazas, and so on? Then have we got the park for you!

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Enter Walibi Holland, a former “typical theme park” where former areas like “Hollywood” and “Sherwood Forest” now host psychedelic paraphernalia and monsters made of reanimated car parts. There are 8 countercultural environs to enjoy:

  • Main Street (drug-addled pop art neighborhood)
  • W.A.B. Plaza (EDM festival)
  • Zero Zone (industrial dystopia)
  • Exotic (flamboyant neon Latin America)
  • Walibi Play Land (anthropomorphic wallaby & friends kiddie city)
  • Speed Zone (dye-cast car junction)
  • The Wilderness (foreboding cottagecore forest)
  • France (france)

Main Street & France are actually one area now, but they’re separated by the indoor Xpress: Platform 13 entrance plaza and midway intersection (which is themed to a NYC subway station because why not).

W.A.B. Plaza and Walibi Playland are two separate areas, but they complement each other nicely as the two spots that the park’s wallaby mascot call home. Between them is a great mix of rides headlined by Speed of Sound, a pimped-out Vekoma Boomerang.

The former Wild West and Yukon Canada areas received a new focal point with 2016’s Lost Gravity. Since then, the areas have been reimagined into “Zero Zone,” an acutely post-societal realm of frenzied black and yellow steel.

Home to Walibi Holland’s original signature coaster, “Exotic” is the park’s former Mexico area with an exuberant urban-glam makeover.

Speed Zone has been around since the Six Flags Holland Days, but recently the area’s received a playful new identity centered around toy cars and dye-cast models. Easily Walibi Holland’s most original area.

The final stop on our tour of Walibi Holland is The Wilderness – a forest of G-forces and forces of nature! The RMC Untamed headlines here – and the hybrid mentality that turned the former Robin Hood into a mutant creature of steel-meets-lumber has manifested throughout The Wilderness.

As you can see, Walibi Holland is truly a park unlike any other – and these pictures only scratch the surface! Check out our vlog below to see all of the amazing details in each area:

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