I joined Alex on a work-trip, so we had about 3 hours to kill in Charlotte the next morning, that of course meant we had to stop by the little park that could, Carowinds! Really we were there for just 3 rides, which we rerode a bunch.

We’re so delighted to be back at Carowinds for our beloved Fury 325, easily still in my top 3  all time favorite coasters.

Go ahead and laugh at the following statement, but I lowkey felt the need to visit Carowinds to ride Nighthawk. We rode Firehawk at Kings Island a few days before and I was dying to compare it to Nighthawk within a week’s time. I was not disappointed.

This was not my first time riding Nighthawk, but I sure appreciated its prototypiness much more. Quite forceful, lots of odd transitions, yet very smooth. I had a great time reriding it.

Our other priority was Intimidator of course, after our miserable rides on Diamonback last week, our rides on Intimidator reconfirmed that’s our favorite V-Seating B&M Hyper in the Cedar Fair chain. Solid ride.

Important note: The new Carousel Plaza in front of Vortex is beautiful. It features a nicely maintained giant carousel which plays original Carousel music and would greatly compliment a possible future Floorless relaunch of Vortex.

Let’s finish the report with a shot of the best Giga Coaster out there. Fury 325 is just so incredibly amazing. I have fallen in love with that ride all over again. We’ll be back at Carowinds soon, because their 2019 coaster sounds like it will be amazing!

Thanks for checking out this Valleyfair! and Carowinds report! We have lots of parks and trips on the horizon, make sure to check back for awesome content! We just launched our Kings Island and Holiday World reports! Make sure to check those out!

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