A Look at the Oldest Rollercoasters in Europe

We’re all so used to exploring different theme parks around the world and riding loads of different rollercoasters and rides beyond our imagination. We often forget to appreciate how advanced and state-of-the-art a lot of the modern technology which allows rollercoasters to be manufactured, built and operated really is. So I thought to myself, let’s go back to the roots of the amusement park industry. What was the inspiration for theme parks in general and what were the first designs for rollercoasters, the materials used and the elements and experiences created by these historic and revolutionary ideas. We’re taking you over 100 years back and some of the oldest rollercoasters in Europe are still operating today. So join us as we take an exciting and historical adventure across Europe!

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Lightwater Valley – A Park Update for the 2021 season

Over the last weekend many enthusiast noticed some changes on the Lightwater valley website in regards to this season’s rides. There has been a lot of speculation around this park over the past year. The park updated us all a few days ago with some information on the rides they plan on closing and opening this year. Here we will discuss those changes and the potential future of The Ultimate.

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