Holiday in the Park and West Coast Racers Testing – Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update – December 7, 2019

Preston: This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to attend Magic Mountain’s media event for Holiday in the Park. We were able to sample some of the new foods and treats they have available during the season for their holiday food festival. And, we took a lap around the park to take in all the beautiful Holiday decorations. And as a special Christmas present, we have some photos of West Coast Racers testing! Let’s dive in and check out all the offerings this year!

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Let’s start where all updates should start: the entrance! The Holiday in the Park banner is looking very festive!

Presents in the plaza!

This past Saturday was a rainy and gloomy one, so, unfortunately, Full Throttle was not operating.

Keeping along, Santa is meeting the guests of Magic Mountain in his cottage! He takes breaks during various times throughout the day, so be sure to check his visiting times on the board out front.

These cute little wreaths are all over the park. Very fun and festive!

This is my FAVORITE tradition during HITP. Making smores at Magic Mountain is just so fun. And, they don’t taste too bad either! 🙂

Don’t let the marshmallow catch on fire!

Food! Food! Food! Here is a look at all the specialty items in the park during the Holidays.

Thank you to the Magic Mountain crew for giving us some themed mugs for hot chocolate!

Some menu cards with pictures of the foods!

The food was fantastic. My favorite was the jalapeño bacon mac and cheese and the gingerbread cheesecake.

This merchandise is adorable!

I really enjoyed the Snowy Nights show outside of Full Throttle. The artists all were very talented and they brought great energy.

After listening to a few songs from the show, we began our lap around the park. The Full Throttle Plaza is called Snowy Nights. I love these Christmas tree decorations!

The Screampunk District is rethemed as the Gleampunk District! The whole land is filled with blue and green colored lights. It’s like they’re celebrating Twisted Colossus!

LOVE that the park is doing projection mapping onto show buildings, but I wish that they were reliable and consistently worked!

DC Universe is Rockin’ Univers during Holiday in the Park. Every few minutes, there is a really fun light show that is synchronized to the area music.

Crazanity’s light package is used well, using its reds, whites, and greens. I propose they rename the flat ride to Candy Cane Crazanity in November and December to fully get the ride in the Christmas spirit. 😂

West Coast Racers is testing! I apologize for the low quality due to nighttime but I tried my best to get some shots!

The train can be seen here zooming by on the far right of the picture.

That spaghetti bowl portion of WCR is going to be ridiculously fun.

I am going to end off this report with my favorite area of Holiday in the Park: Winter Wonderland.

It snows in this part of the park every twenty minutes. The snowfall makes for quite a magical experience.

The rain made for some gorgeous reflection pics!

That’s all for today! Thank you for sticking around and reading this update. I’ll be sure to make it back to the Mountain soon to get some daytime shots of West Coast Racers testing! We are getting so close to riding. For now, check out the rest of our Southern California coverage by clicking here. Also, click here to read an Emperor update from Sea World San Diego. See you all soon! 🙂

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